Who Is Governing Canada?

The Crown Corporation of Canada and Canadian Embassy are registered at 501 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC. Canada is not a country and the 1867 Constitution and 1876 “Indian Act” were never ratified. The land, originally known as Kanata, was never paid for by the Crown. Its resources and monies rightfully belong to the Original ‘Indians’ who are the “Protectors” of the land. The lands have been raped and pillaged over three centuries, starting in 1670 with King Charles II usurping Rupert’s Land via the Hudson Bay Company Charter, comprised of 40% of Canadian land mass.

On July 21, 2021, Justin Trudeau, Health Ministers Patty Hajdu and Teresa Tam, and Harjitt Sajjan of Nat’l Defence were served a Cease and Desist Order, to which Trudeau responded by stepping down as PM, and called an illegal and rigged election on August 4th. Parliament has been prorogued since then and there is no PM for the Corporation of Canada.

October 4th a Tribunal FINAL Judgment, Order to Cease & Desist, Emergency Injunction and Writ of Mandamus under Natural Law, Common Law, Treaty Law, Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court Statute, the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Conventions, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, for Public Health and Justice, was served to all Corporation of Canada Government including all Provincial Premiers.

November 29th, in an International Tribunal, Justin Trudeau and several world government leaders were convicted and sentenced for Crimes Against Humanity, to immediately begin serving incarceration sentences without Parole.

A Sovereign organization, the original and current [in]digenous1 Governors and Keepers of the land of Kanata, the Peoples of the Salmon (PotS), led by Headsman Popois are taking a brave stance against this tyranny and corruption of the government of the Corporation of Canada. They invite and encourage all Canadians to unite in their mission to restore our Sovereign, Human Rights and Freedoms, and to protect and maintain the Earth and its resources that sustain us. All who attend four PotS tribal meetings, may choose to become ‘Wolverines’, be adopted as Peoples of the Salmon, and receive an Affidavit of Sovereign Status and an International passport.

As a first step, a petition has been created by the PotS to put an end to the anarchy of the governing bodies and all who are contributing to the genocide, and of crimes against humanity on our beautiful and God given Nation. Before October 25, with Parliament now prorogued to November, we require five (5) million signatures, as a vote of confidence, to counter the suggested number of votes obtained by Justin Trudeau in the recent illegal election. The petition is addressed to Governor General Mary May Simon, and the purpose is to remove our Allies of her Majesty Peoples of the Salmon consent to be governed and to revoke our consent for the listed types of entities and [in]dividuals to have [au]thority over our actions, choices and property.

Please sign and share this petition with all Canadians who desire a fruitful life and peace on Earth. The petition may be signed here.

History of the Peoples of the Salmon:
What Peoples of the Salmon Have Accomplished To Date

Over the past years, the Peoples of the Salmon have been hard at work building our Sovereign de jure government. Popois, the Headsman, is a Warrior of Light, our speaker and writer of all our documents – the pen is his sword! As well as Maathlaatlaa, the Grandfather of the Tribunal. His wisdom and patient teachings of the traditions of the Original People, have been invaluable to all of us.

Our accomplishments to date

We have served via registered mail and by hand:

  1. Cease and Desist Orders Against CoVID and Vaccine Mandates, and Writ of Mandamus to:
    • Justin Trudeau
    • Canadian Parliament
    • All Provincial Premiers
    • Bonnie Henry
    • Teresa Tam
    • Provost Marshall
  2. Offer of a Peace Pipe Ceremony to
    • Federal RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki
    • RCMP Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald
  3. Cease and Desist Loans and Demand the Transfer of $5 billion from the Indian Trust account to We the People to Bank of Canada, Vancouver, BC
  4. First Law of the Land and Allodial Title Notice to: BC MLA Adrian Dix, Vancouver, BC
  5. Open Letter to Doctors not wanting the injection and losing their licenses to join us on our new Board of Sovereign Doctors with Peoples of the Salmon – with several doctors joining to date
  6. Notices of Liability Against the Vaccines to:
    • Fraser Health, Surrey, BC
    • Teck Acute Care Injection Centre at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver
  7. Presentment – Conflict of Interest for Arrest and Imprisonment of Dr. Mel Bruchet, under the Mental Health Act to:
    • RCMP Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald
    • All doctors, nurses and employees of Lions Gate Hospital
    • All RCMP Officers of North Vancouver

In addition:

12-12-2021 – An auspicious day for all Sovereign Women and Men of Kanata:

In our weekly public Peoples of the Salmon meeting, with 60 people present and 60 “yay”s to form our own de jure Grand Jury. We will soon hold a hearing against Justin Trudeau, Bonnie Henry, and all who are guilty of crimes against humanity with this deadly “experimental bioweapon”. The hearings will then proceed with their sentencing, arrests and imprisonment.

Peoples of the Salmon
Non-domestic: [1064, 2480 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z1]
Trust Law and Order • Holders in Due Course

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