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The Peoples of the Salmon would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, Dr. Matthew Adams, for joining us. Dr. Adams is our new Peoples of the Salmon Sovereign Doctors Board addition.

Here’s a letter from Dr. Adams:

To whom this letter may find in good health and Gods favor,

My name is Dr. Matthew Adams. I have a bachelors in Biomedical sciences, Masters in Healthcare Administration, Masters in Business Administration, Medical Degree (MD), a publication in the Journal of Anesthesiology and currently one patent for a portable air filtration system. During my indoctrination in the educational system I spent over 10 years doing privately funded research on cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, HPV, hormone imbalances, weight loss, and virology, to name a few.

Disease is being caused by the indoctrination of doctors. Case and point is COVID. I will present this case based on factual evidence and real science. What’s been going on is known as Pseudoscience. Pseudo- meaning like or pretending to be. US7897744B2 is the patent titled “SARS virus nucleotide and amino acid sequences and uses thereof” with an application date of 4/28/2004 filed by Public Health Agency of Canada. US7220852B1 titled “Coronavirus isolated from humans” with an application date 4/12/2004. Two weeks before the Canadian government Patent SARS. The current PLANDEMIC was as an orchestration. The current nomenclature SARS-COV2 implies a joint venture between SARS and CORONAVIRUS. The same way a man and women would join to make a child. Nomenclature in medicine is a guideline to understanding. SARS-COV 1 is a child of parents SARS AND COV. SARS-COV-2 implies the second child. The proof is SARS-COV 1 and 2 SHARE 75-80% of the same genome. Is it a coincidence that 2 neighboring countries are the ones currently pushing this agenda, lie and fear to the public?

As a medical professional you are always learning. At least you should be. You should always search and analyze patterns, outliers and exceptions to the rule. Many of us in the medical field have the same basic program outline. We learned the process in which vaccines are made. There are trials for effectiveness, safety, and longevity, to name a few. The formulation, development, and testing of vaccines takes 10-15 years at minimum. This time frame of course is cut down if you have the viral code of the antigen you want to combat against. January 14th 2020 was the discovery of COVID 19. Our president vowed to have a vaccine ready before the end of the year. As a medical professional this should have been a cause of concern. Knowing well that it would not be properly tested.

Primarydoctor.org is an organization of physicians trained in the most comprehensive medical education, such as myself. Published on their site is “COVID-19 VACCINE considerations”. Under the section “What happened to the animals in the studies” they wrote “This technology has been tried on animals, and in the animal studies done, ALL THE ANIMALS IN THE STUDIES DIED, not immediately from the injection, but months later, from other immune disorders, sepsis and/or cardiac failure. There has never been a long-term successful animal study using this technology. No experimental coronavirus vaccine has succeeded in animal studies. In this study, coronavirus vaccine caused liver inflammation in test animals.” As we have all learned in our medical programs, a vaccine in which ALL animals died HAS to be thrown out. It can not be used for human use.

The introduction of a pandemic puts the country in a state of “emergency”. Under such guidelines of emergency an experimental drug maybe used as “we are in a state of emergency and no other option is available.” This is untrue. Case and point, “The Antiviral, anti-inflammatory effects of natural medicinal herbs and mushrooms and SARS-COV-2 Infection” with a DOI 12092573 by the School ofLife Sciences, Bradford, UK. The study concluded, ” the therapeutic potential of Inonotus obliquus as a natural antiviral treatment against SARS-COV-2. Earlier studies into this mushroom have laid the groundwork into the antiviral capabilities of Inonotus obliquus” (Chaga Mushrooms). The University of Lethbridge published a peer reviewed study concluding benefits of “CBD as an aid in blocking the cells that enter the body from he novel coronavirus.” For those unsure about natural medicine I present DOI: 10.1002/JMV.26554 titled “Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 and HCoV-229E in vitro by ColdZyme® a medical device mouth spray against the common cold”. The study was published in The Journal of Medical Virology. The authors published results “CZ-MD inactivated SARS-CoV-2 by 98.3% and HCoV-229E by 99.9%” and concluded “CZ-MD mouth spray can inactivate the respiratory coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2 and HCoV-229E in vitro. Although the in vitro results presented cannot be directly translated into clinical efficacy, the study indicates that CZ-MD might offer a protective barrier against SARS-CoV-2 and a decreased risk of COVID-19 transmission.” Current vaccine does not prevent transmission and the side effects have been astronomical. The next study DOI 10.1186/s12985-020-01401-2 titled “In vitro virucidal activity of Echinaforce®, an Echinacea purpurea preparation, against coronaviruses, including common cold coronavirus 229E and SARS-CoV-2” in the Journal of Virology had concluded, “These results show that Echinaforce® is virucidal against HCoV-229E, upon direct contact and in an organotypic cell culture model. Furthermore, MERS-CoV and both SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 were inactivated at similar concentrations of the extract. Therefore we hypothesize that Echinacea purpurea preparations, such as Echinaforce®, could be effective as prophylactic treatment for all CoVs due to their structural similarities. All four of these studies were published BEFORE the vaccine release.

IF this is a true state of emergency and people are dropping like flies. Then ALL available treatments should be considered. However, this was not and is not the case. Physicians, nurses, and anyone going against the narrative of pandemic and vaccine was censored, removed from social media, ostracized, humiliated and then fired. As a medical personal you went into this field to help others. This means you look at available options. If none are presented, it is your job and duty to discover one. Above all else. DO NO HARM. Since when has free speech caused such worldwide? If we truly care about others, humanity and curing disease then why are we silencing doctors for their research and results? Why is sesame street, the media, actors, athletes and anyone else they can pay pushing a vaccine allegedly developed under 1 year with massive side effects including heart failure and death?

It’s time to question the narrative. The truth is the healthcare system is the cause of disease. Case and Point, the addition of Fluoride and lack of filtration of Atrazine to the public water supply. As a medical professional you should always look for ANY and ALL contradictions. Every fluoride containing product has the same. Health warning. Something to the effects of, “Harmful if swallowed. Call poison control.” Under the Clean Water Act CAS# 7681-49-4 is listed as a Hazardous Substance. So why is it being forced into the water supply under the Tom Foolery of Public Health Assistance.

Not convinced? I will conclude this brief letter. Bear with me. Open your intuition up to accept the notion that things aren’t what they seem. You went into this field because you wanted to help people. You saw pain in yourself, your family or anyone you cared for. You wanted to help take away that pain of disease. You want people to live their best lives. Are you being told the truth? My final patent I leave for your consideration is US5676977A titled “Method of curing AIDS with tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystal devices.” Application date 5/31/1996 and Publication date 10-14-1997. The authors stated, “A single intravenous injection of the devices is all that is required for efficacy at levels of about 40 PPM of human blood.” The US government via US Army has been using Silver to treat viruses, bacteria, fungi and Protozoa since 3/24/1981. Patent US4415565A titled “Silver metachloridine in treatment of infections.” Application filed by US Department of Army 3/24/1981. The abstract of the patent states, “The silver salt of metachloridine has been shown to have marked effectives against viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. It is active against the organisms over a considerable concentration range in vitro, and has a noteworthy, high chemotherapeutic index when administered to animals by topical, oral or parenteral route. In addition to its effectiveness, silver metachloridine has been shown to be well tolerated at levels far above those required for therapeutic uses in animals.”

How many thousands of healthcare workers quit their jobs instead of being forced vaccinated? Never before in History. Maybe these 100,000+ healthcare workers researched and saw the truth. I thank you for your time and consideration. This letter was written by the grace of God almighty. I ask you to question the narrative and I leave the lines of communication citation open for contact. If you are not convinced the narrative should be questioned, I am open to hear side. Present your case as I have presented mine. Let research be continued instead of censorship. May God bless you during this time.

Sincerely with love and Gods Grace,
Dr. Matthew Adams MBA, MSHCA, MD

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