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The Jay Treaty – 1794

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Treaty of Amity Commerce and Navigation

Concluded November 19, 1794; ratification advised by the senate with amendment June 24, 1795; ratified by the President; ratifications exchanged October 28, 1795; proclaimed February 29, 1796.

Article 3

It is agreed that it shall at all times be free to His Majesty’s subjects, and to the citizens of the United States, and also to the Indians dwelling on either side of the said boundary line, freely to pass and repass by land or inland navigation, into the respective territories and countries of the two parties, on the continent of America, (the country within the limits of the Hudson’s Bay Company only excepted.) and to navigate all the lakes, rivers and waters thereof, and freely to carry on trade and commerce with each other. But it is understood that this article does not extend to the admission of vessels of the United States into the seaports, harbours, bays or creeks of His Majesty’s said territories; nor into such parts of the rivers in His Majesty’s said territories as are between the mouth thereof, and the highest port of entry from the sea, except in small vessels trading bona fide between Montreal and Quebec, under such regulations as shall be established to prevent the possibility of any frauds in this respect. Nor to the admission of British vessels from the sea into the rivers of the United States, beyond the highest ports of entry for foreign vessels from the sea. The river Mississippi shall, however, according to the treaty of peace, be entirely open to both parties; and it is further agreed, that all the ports and places on its eastern side, to whichsoever of the parties belonging, may freely be resorted to and used by both parties, in as ample a manner as any of the Atlantic ports or places of the United States, or any of the ports or places of HiMajesty in Great Britain.

All goods and merchandize whose importation into His Majesty’s said territories in America shall not be entirely prohibited, may freely, for the purposes of commerce, be carried into the same in the manner aforesaid, by the citizens of the United States, and such goods and merchandize shall be subject to no higher or other duties than would be payable by His Majesty’s subjects on the importation of the same from Europe into the said territories. And in like manner all goods and merchandize whose importation into the United States shall not be wholly prohibited, may freely, for the purposes of commerce, be carried into the same, in the manner aforesaid, by His Majesty’s subjects, and such goods and merchandize shall be subject to no higher or other duties than would be payable by the citizens of the United States on the importation of the same in American vessels into the Atlantic ports of the said States. And all goods not prohibited to be exported from the said territories respectively, may in like manner be carried out of the same by the two parties respectively, paying duty as aforesaid.

No duty of entry shall ever be levied by either party on peltries brought by land or inland navigation into the said territories respectively, nor shall the Indians passing or repassing with their own proper goods and effects of whatever nature, pay for the same any impost or duty whatever. But goods in bales, or other large packages, unusual among Indians, shall not be considered as goods belonging bona fide to Indians.

No higher or other tolls or rates of ferriage than what are or shall be payable by natives, shall be demanded on either side; and no duties shall be payable on any goods which shall merely be carried over any of the portages or carrying places on either side, for the purpose of being immediately reembarked and carried to some other place or places. But as by this stipulation it is only meant to secure to each party a free passage across the portages on both sides, it is agreed that this exemption from duty shall extend only to such goods as are carried in the usual and direct road across the portage, and are not attempted to be in any manner sold or exchanged during their passage across the same, and proper regulations may be established to prevent the possibility of any frauds in this respect.

As this article is intended to render in a great degree the local advantages of each party common to both, and thereby to promote a disposition favorable to friendship and good neighborhood, it is agreed that the respective Governments will mutually promote this amicable intercourse, by causing speedy and impartial justice to be done, and necessary protection to be extended to all who may be concerned therein.

Legal Public Notice

Legal Public Notice To All Service Corporations (Provinces and Territories) and Alliances of Kanat’an


De Jure Government Peoples of the Salmon et al, as the Original Peoples of Kanat’a, is the First Law of the Land of Kanat’an. CANADA CORPORATION, BRITISH COLUMBIA CORPORATION, ALL PROVINCIAL, TERRITORIAL and MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS, under Admiralty Law, now in bankruptcy, are operating in contempt, disdain, distrust and fraud. Acts, Regulations and Statutes of these Corporations are NOT Laws. The lands were never purchased by Her/His Majesty of Great Britain: Thus, the Crown Corporations distribution of an ‘Experimental Bioweapon’, according to the
Nuremberg Code and Helsinki Accords, is a Criminal Act of Genocide and therefore Treason. Peoples of the Salmon revoke all Business of these De facto Corporation Governments.

Peoples of the Salmon Tribunal, Baaqwaanum (woman, man), living flesh, blood and bone are alive. ‘Wolverines’ are our new allies and are adopted into our Clan. They join in our Tribal Custom and Usage, and are not subjects of the Birth Certificate, and Injections. We, Peoples of the Salmon, Baaqwaanum, revoke “By Force – Occupied Lands”, forced Injections (aka vaccines), trespassing by Corporations. All International Treaties signed by these Corporations, and all their tactics of theft, murder and lies are unlawful. Therefore, they are Criminal and Treasonous.

Peoples of the Salmon Tribunals, High Councils and Matriarchs have no existing Treaties with any Corporations.

Peoples of the Salmon require jurisdiction and disclosure of Documents of PERSON, or DEED, and TITLE to Original Peoples’ homeland of Kanat’an (‘Sacred Lands’) and to Original Peoples of Kanat’a (sacred).

Kanat’an Sovereignty RN 591 243 241 CA

Peoples of the Salmon, as the sun shines, grass is green, the rivers flow and wind blows, Mother’s Earth and Oceans resources that feed us, we accept for Value that we remain Stewards of the Land and Allies to Her/His Majesty in Council of Great Britain et al, by the authority of the Peoples of the Salmon. Repealed 1665 and 1835. We accept your Acquiescence as True. Non-response by the last Posting of this Notice is acquiescence.

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