Update: Peoples Operation Restoration

Our Republic was stolen from us in 1871. We have an illusion Of Freedom.

An illusion of a voting system, an illusion of a legal system and an illusion of a government. [This is about all of us, not just the United States.]

The school boards were practicing medicine without a license by mandating vaccines and facemasks. One way to make sure schools follow the rules are to go after their bonds.

A FOIA requesting school bond information can be sent to the school board.

Some bonds say that they are reliable for $$$ Millions per claim, so if you have 10 people making violation claims, that is a potential loss of $10 million for the school. Money does the real talking.

You can first begin with a Letter of Intent. You can say if you don’t drop the mask and vaccine bullshit, I will file a claim against your surety bond. This is exactly what Michelle Klann did and they dropped the mandatory mask b.s. within 7 days.

The state government has these surety bonds also and some are Blanket Bonds which cover the whole state and once there were intents to file claims, the Biden administration dropped the mandatory masks.

When they are breaking the laws and overstepping authority thinking they can get away, go after their bonds.

They can NOT enforce EXPERIMENTAL Medical Vaccines or any experimental treatments.

The real law has been hidden from us and we no longer even have it.

LAW – Land, Air and Water.

Law of the Land — which is Common Law – Trial by Peers. We no longer have common law courts.

Miki Klann

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