Three Orders Sent on May 11, 2022

1. Direction Order – of Appointment & Exequatur (dated 2022-03-22)

Headsman Popois bestows permission on the Provost Marshal to enforce the Rights of the Sovereign Peoples of Kanatan

2. Detainment Order

Peoples of the Salmon, Alliance of Kanatan, De Jure Government issues an Order of Detainment of the de facto Government of Canada Actors Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and Melanie Joly

3. Federal Agents Direction Order

Peoples of the Salmon issues a Directions Order to Federal Agents, to immediately cease the mRNA bioweapon and respond within 10 days:

  • CATSA Regional Director
  • Vancouver YVR
  • CEO Michael Saunders
  • Vice President Nancy Fitchett, Corporate Affairs
  • Vice President Neil Parry Service Delivery
  • Vice President Lisa Hamilton, Corporate Services, General Council Corporate Secretary
  • CATSA Access to Information and Privacy, Ottawa
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