The Power of Your Petition

The growing, mass number, in the thousands, of signed, confirmed, Petitions of ‘non-consent to be governed’ were merrily being emailed by the thousands to the governor general and…they have had enough.

Our sending email address has been blocked by the website. Maybe because they don’t like what they hear?

We are continuing the Petition nonetheless… in a modified way.

When you fill out the Petition with your info you will still receive a confirmation email (eliminates spam and makes your Petition far more powerful because it is verified). The Petition will no longer be emailed by us to the GG BUT we are keeping a verified list of all Petition submissions to be presented to the GG at the appropriate time.

NOTE: you MUST click the link in the confirmation email to register your Petition with us. If you have completed the Petition, but have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam folder – many were going to spam, but hopefully less now. If you fill out the Petition a second time with the same email you will be informed you have already completed the Petition.

Continue to submit the Petition because we are keeping a record of all verified Petitions and will present them as a whole to the powers-that-was at the appropriate time.

So keep on spreading the word and get more people to participate.

Since the governor general (or her minions) no longer wants to hear from the people via our email address we are also suggesting that every man and woman could send the Petition directly to from your email – our single email address got blocked, they can’t block thousands as easily. What fun.

You know you are doing something right when they try to shut down communications. Let’s keep communicating what we want, and what we do not like, and what we do not consent to, peacefully, respectfully, honourably. It’s your right, and your responsibility. Feel free to send it in letter format as well (address below). Remember your failure to expressly say no means you agree to what THEY do and how THEY do it. This is one way to say no.

If you have not done so, complete the Petition here and when you click the confirmation link also forward the petition to If you have completed the Petition but not received a confirmation email please check your spam folder – many were going to spam, but hopefully less now.

Complete the Petition so we have a massive, verified, record of people expressly saying no.

Additionally, here’s a copy of the Petition that you might/could edit as you feel best to email (or snail mail) along directly to the governor general because they will accept no more from our email address:


To: Governor General Mary May Simon, in official and private capacity

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary May Simon,

I hereby give notice that I do not have confidence in, due to an ongoing breach of trust, lack of good faith actions, and failure to provide good governance I hereby revoke, rescind, withdraw, remove and deny my consent for you, any man or woman, any political party, any parliament, premier, prime minister, member of parliament, member of a legislative assembly, city council, municipal board, school board or any other alleged government agent, department or agency to have authority over my actions, choices or property. I do not consent to be governed, having lost all confidence in said governance.

This express action of removing my consent to be governed that I give notice of, is done in good faith, and with sadness that my fellow man and woman could not perform in honour and integrity the trust that was placed with them.

%%Your Signature%%

This notice is legal notice from a lawful man or woman of full status and full capacity.

Time to stand up, and say no more lies, deceit, corruption, two-tiered legal system and the ongoing theft of private property from all people. You can withdraw your consent to be governed by people like that.

sign a petition for your removal of consent to be governed by corporate politicians...

To mail the GG a letter or postcard of your notice, do so to this address (hey, phone calls work too):

Contact Information

Office of the Secretary to the Governor General
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa ON K1A 0A1
1-800-465-6890 (toll-free in Canada and the U.S.)
TTY: 1-800-465-7735

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