Teresa Riley


My big brother connected me with Peoples of the Salmon in January 2022. I have always held a deep attraction to nature, spiritual freedom, being with the land, water, forests, all of Creation. I wondered what our lives might be like if the Original Peoples were guiding our country. I wondered how much longer our Mother Earth could survive with pipelines, gross extraction of precious resources, and disturbing climate change. My daughter’s children and their children, every woman, man and child’s collective futures depend upon the health of our water, land, and air. I wondered if Original Peoples would even want anything to do with us non-Original Peoples, after hundreds of years of genocide, land theft, and purposeful cultural dissemination.

I already have my answers! I was Ceremonially Adopted into the Wolverine Clan on February 27, 2022, and I began walking Creator’s Path as a Sovran woman, living flesh, blood, and bone, with Peoples of the Salmon. My daughter has been welcomed and is now protected and guided as well, by Peoples of the Salmon.

We are creating our children’s future with many like minded women, men, and children, lovingly guided by the Original Peoples of this land, living every day within the highest laws, Natural Law. Very soon we will have our Kanat’an Sovereign ID and World passports. I feel so much love, gratitude, and respect for our Original Peoples of our country, Kanat’an. I am humbled to be walking with Peoples of the Salmon, where all our voices are heard, and determined to help build our future of harmony love, and light for all!

— Teresa Riley

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