Moosmoosgleesleas (Peoples of the Salmon Princess - Matriarch in Training); Planning Advisory Council

I joined Peoples of the Salmon in August 2021, when I discovered this group is functioning within Natural Law, which is the highest law on Earth, under our Creator. As I have been learning about this within the last couple of years, as well as equity law, I knew in my heart and soul that I belong with this amazing group. I was instantly impressed by the genius minds of all of the Tribunal members and Headsman Popois. They are declaring the current government de facto and bankrupt, and setting up our de jure governance. Self-governance has been my journey and goal all my life.

Peoples of the Salmon are also the Original People of Kanat'an, the Sacred Lands, the true name of this unceded land. They are the First Law of the Land. I respect and love them deeply.

The Tribunal and the Matriarchs welcomed me, a white woman, with open hearts. I have gained incredible knowledge since I have joined PotS, in all aspects of the Original Peoples history, culture, all the horrible and unjust crimes done against them and their people. The empath in me feels this pain, though I know, I can never feel this to the degree that they have experienced it. My heart's desire is to help PotS right the wrongs done against all the Original People.

I am now on the Planning Advisory Council, where I work closely with Headsman Popois, Grandfather Maathlaatlaa, highest Tribunal member Giltimi, my sister Hummingbird, as well as all the incredible people on the Council.

I have also had the great honour to be uplifted by our Grandfather Maathlaatlaa to the Moosmoosgleesleas level. Going forward, as I learn more about Original People, my role and place here, along with hard work of building our own communities, I hope to become a Matriarch one day.

I also look forward to our Sovereign Status Cards and Passports, so that we can truly step out of the corporation, and move and travel freely, without any restrictions, throughout our beautiful world.

I am deeply honoured to be a part of Peoples of the Salmon. As our Maathlaatlaa says, walking forward together into the future, with our Land, with Love and Light.


— Dayna

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