Dani Lee Milne


Hi. My name is Dani Lee and I found Peoples of the Salmon in November of 2021. I was immediately drawn to the hearts and souls of those I met. I felt like I found my “tribe”. My girlfriend and I attended the next four meetings and took in all we could learn. It was so refreshing to be with men and women who had a plan and were following through with that plan. They are here to help anyone who may feel trapped within the corrupt corporation called Canada and show them a better way.

The last few years have really shown the deception and dictatorial control the “government” exerts upon its “citizens”. I knew I wanted out but I didn’t know how. Peoples of the Salmon is the way, they have shown they are the solution. They have formed alliances with original peoples all across Kanat’an and continue to reach those who have the same values of freedom, dominion, life, love and dignity.

I “walked off the ship” with other like-minded men and women and it was one of the most invigorating moments of my life. It was empowering to know I was with a community who could show me a better way and support me through the transition. An open, transparent, safe space to explore your own dominion and be heard and respected is so refreshing and goodbye to bureaucracy!

Everyone is welcome with Peoples of the Salmon, no matter where you are from. If you are looking for a Sovereign community that is taking responsible action to effectively creating the way for us to move forward in love, peace, harmony and connection, then come and join us and we will welcome you with open arms.

In love and light

Dani Lee of the Milne family

— Dani Lee Milne

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