Unity Flag “Mobile-Kit”


3 Flags to Display in Motion! Mobile-Kit costs around $132 plus shipping. Each Unity Flag 12″ x 18″ is digitally printed on Polyknit on one side, reverse print on the back. Display a Unity Flag while driving your vehicle, piloting your boat and walking at your event. Select:

  1. Unity Flag 4Hand: Flag is attached to a 24″ wooden stick.
  2. Add wooden base to stand your hand held flag on your table.
  3. Unity Flag 4Car: Flag is mounted on a 20″ white plastic car flagpole which includes a 3″ window clip.
  4. Unity Flag Mini comes with 2 grommets and is used with …
  5. Flagpole 2.3ft comes with easy-to-install bracket and clips to fit both round or square railings up to 1.25″. Multi-angle bracket allows flag to be flown at a variety of angles. Play with this version on your bike, balcony and boat railings!

(Unity Flag 4Rail = Unity Flag Mini + Flagpole 2.3ft)

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Thank you for supporting “Peoples of the Salmon”, sharing Love, Light, and Harmony on The Creator’s Path of Kindness. Proudly display 5400 years of wisdom. Mother Earth wears the Copper Wealth Shield enriched by the Ocean Salmon and strengthened by the Two Headed Eagle. Featuring art by Bradley Hunt of the Heiltsuk Nation.

Order now for next months Events! Allow time for crowdfunding: 50 flags must sell to place an order which significantly lowers the price for you! “Share” this product with your friends and family to increase sales and speed up product arrival time.

Flag Kits are available! We put the flags and hardware together for you.
Mobile Kit: Three 12″x18″ Flag Mini’s: Unity Flag 4Car + Unity Flag 4Hand (includes wooden base) + Unity Flag 4Rail
Event Kit: One Unity Flag 36″x60″ + 8″x60″ Web Banner + 2 8ft adj. flagpoles + 2 wire stands and/or ground spikes.
Mariner Kit: One Unity Flag Marine 18″x36″ + One Unity Flag Mini 12″x18″ + 1 Flagpole 4Rail.
Wall Kit: One Unity Flag 36″x60″ + 1 6ft. adjustable flagpole with wall mount bracket.

Packaging and shipping is handled by 3rd party manufacturer. You will be notified when your order is shipped.


Printed with care by the FlagShop.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanat’an.
Each print is checked for quality.
Durability made to last for years.


Note: You cannot place your orders with FlagShop as they do not hold graphic copyrights. You could probably pickup the hardware there or source your own, just make note of the flag dimensions and pocket sizes for the poles.

Additional information

Dimensions 60.96 × 5.08 cm