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Select Unity Flag (no text) or Unity Banner (displays peoplesofthesalmon.org) in your style (finishing’s included). Digitally printed on durable Polyknit; reverse on back. Hardware sold separately. Members get 15% OFF coupon in the Hub Catalogue.

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Proudly display 5400 years of wisdom. Mother Earth wears the Copper Wealth Shield enriched by the Ocean Salmon and strengthened by the Two Headed Eagle. Featuring art by Bradley Hunt of the Heiltsuk Nation.

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Official Flag is 36″X60″ | Official Marine Flag is 18″X36″ Banner

Use the selection tool to pick:

  • design:  Unity Flag (no text) or Unity Banner (peoplesofthesalmon.org);
  • size:  36″X60″, 18″X36″, or 12″X18″ Mini;
  • style or finishing’s included for  36″X60″, 18″X36″:
    • rope & toggle for a ship, boat (left edge)
    • grommets for boat and more (2 on left edge)
    • 2.5″ pocket sleeve on Left edge (closed at top for a flagpole)
    • 2.5″ pocket sleeves on L&R edges (closed at top for 2 flagpoles)
  • style or finishing’s included for 12″X18″ Minis:
    • grommets (2 on left edge), recommend the 3ft.flagpole for railings
    • Wood Stick, mounted (hardware included)
    • Car Window, mounted (hardware included)

Display Options:
1) To display 36″X60″ Unity Banner open at events, buy the “Unity Event-Kit” which includes hardware (Unity Banner-Pocket Sleeves L&R; +2 8ft flagpoles, +2 wire stands and/or ground spikes; +4 C Clips)
2) To mount to a wall indoors or out, buy the “Unity Wall-Kit” which includes hardware (Unity Flag-2Grommets; +1 6ft flagpole comes with a wall bracket).
3) To stand outdoors and secure into lawn buy an 8ft adjustable flagpole and ground spike.
4) To stand up inside or out buy an 8ft adjustable flagpole and a wire stand.

Add a wooden stand for the hand held 12″X18″ Unity 4Hand which is mounted on a stick.

Please allow time for crowdfunding.
When 50 items (same design, same size) are purchased we place an order.
Packaging is done with care and may include reused-recycled items.
You will be notified when we ship.
Delivery is from Powell River BC by Canada Post.
Made in Vancouver, BC Kanat’an

NO RETURNS at this time 🙂

Three 12″X18″ Mini’s to choose from:
Mini 4Rail: To attach to your boat/bike/balcony railing, select 12″X18″ Banner-2Grommets (buy a 3ft flagpole for rails up to 1.5″, sold separately).
Mini 4Car: Select Mini mounted to 20″ white plastic car window flagpole (comes with 3″ window clip).
Mini 4Hand: Select Mini mounted to hand held 24″ wood stick (wood stand sold separately).

Mariner Kit: 18″X36″ Banner-2Grommets; 12″X18″ Banner-2Grommets +3ft flagpole
Mobile Kit: Buy all 3! Mini 4Car ; Mini 4Hand (add wood stand); Mini 4Rail (12″X18″-2Grommets +3ft flagpole)

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Unity Flag, Unity Banner


12"X18", 18"X36", 36"X60"


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