Unity Flag Base


Turtle Island Unity for All. Add “peoplesofthesalmon.org” 8″ x 60″ beneath the PotS Flag. It is digitally printed on Polyknit, single sided, and reverse on the back. Includes 2″ open sleeves on both left and right sides. Choose the price per unit you would like to pay for your budget.

Proudly display 5400 years of wisdom. Mother Earth wears the Copper Wealth Shield enriched by the Ocean Salmon and strengthened by the Two Headed Eagle. Featuring art by Bradley Hunt of the Heiltsuk Nation.

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Thank you for supporting “Peoples of the Salmon”, sharing Love, Light, and Harmony on The Creator’s Path of Kindness.

Please allow time for crowdfunding. This is peak season so order now to beat the Holiday crunch. You may get it faster if you:

  1. Pay a higher price to possibly wait less time for less units sold to get your order in faster.
  2. Share this product with your friends and family to increase units sold. When 100 units are sold regardless of price we place an order.

Wait a little longer for more orders to arrive if you want to pay less. You decide! Your choices determine how we refine the shop.

  • Pay $36/base means we wait for 10 orders at this price to place a group order.
  • Pay $28/base means we wait for 15 orders before we place a group order.
  • Pay $25/base means we wait for 50 orders before we place a group order.
  • Pay $20/base means we wait for 100 orders before we place a group order.

Packaging and shipping is handled by 3rd party manufacturer. You will be notified when your order is placed.


Printed with care by the FlagShop.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanat’an.
Each print is checked for quality.
Durability made to last for years.


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