Sovran Credentials


A Credentials Card is included in each Sovran Plan.
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To acquire your Sovran Credentials Card or any instruments you first become an affiliate* of Peoples of the Salmon. A Sovran Plan gives you login credentials to the online Hub. PotS Platform assigns you a unique member number and QR Code which is applied to all your instruments, so when scanned it activates your Kanat’an Verification Services showing you are a Sovran affiliate.

Follow online instructions. Fill in your Profile to customize instruments. Proofread. Download to your device. Print in colour at home or at an outlet for best quality. Laminate your card, or fold and place in a plastic card pocket. PotS-Credentials-Passport-Guide. Attend Sunday meetings early at 1-2 PM PST for Tech Support.

*If you were a Member in the previous system use the email address you signed up with to “reset your password“, then sign up in a Sovran Plan, so PotS Platform will recognize you. Avoids duplicate accounts. Allows you to keep the year you signed up in.