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Credentials Card is included in all Sovran Plans. “Add to Cart” and run this through the checkout to receive a digital file in your Shop Account: Downloads. Then login to the Hub and start creating! (Images displayed look similar to your finished card.)

See more below.

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  1. You signed up in a plan. This gives you login access to the Hub, etc.
  2. Get your credentials card digital file by going through this checkout.
  3. Next, login to the Hub and fill in your Profile page to create your card.

All Instruments are created in the First Law of the Land Jurisdiction.

You get a link to access the file at checkout, and an email is sent to you – but you will have 24/7 access to your digital files in the Hub, “Shop Account” Downloads. Login in to the Hub anytime from any device.

NOTE* Fill in or update your Profile page before downloading instruments.


Our Electronic Publishing Services include a powerful Authentication Service that links to all your instruments, and continues to advance as we learn to reclaim our Sovereignty and Beneficiary role. When you sign up, PotS Platform assigns you a unique member number and embedded coding for all the instruments you publish with us. When scanned, it activates your unique Sovran Verification Page showing you are a living Soul, Sovereign, in good standing. (Stay tuned for updates.)

*Login and follow online instructions to fill in your Profile page to customize your instruments. Proofread them and then download to your device. Print in colour at home or at an outlet for best quality. Laminate your card, or place the card in a plastic card pocket, or email the digital file to a card maker. (Check email for Hub login credentials.)

BONUS! Every time you update your Profile page, you update your instruments. You can output them again, as you grow and evolve and learn what Sovereignty is, and how you want to present yourself to the world. We recommend updating your information at least once a year. (Refer to Hub Learning.)

When you decide to get your WSA Passport and go through their online application, we created a 3.5×3 inch special label you can purchase to upload for page 6, plus you can upload your completed/scanned credentials card file for the diplomat pages. Powerful combination.

Download: Credentials-Passport-Guide.

Attend web conferencing times an hour early for 1 on 1 assistance. (See website homepage.)

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