Sovereign Affidavit


Reclaim your living body, all assets you own and children under 18. This document claims that you and your living body are the owners of the aforementioned, and NOT the Corporation of Canada or any other. Sovran Credentials (card) required.

See below for more information.

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To populate your instruments you must login to the Hub (your sovran member account) and update your profile information. You automatically populate other instruments which you can preview online. Your Sovran Affidavit will display:

    • passport photo;
    • date signed, full name, grammar syntax signing, and graphic signature (or sign after printing);
    • Sovran Member Number;
    • unique QR Code to access Kanat’an Verification Services,
    • PotS Seals,
    • and is notarized by our Headsman.
  1. At checkout download to your device or login to Hub, and refer to Shop Account: Downloads.
  2. Print in colour or have a production house do so. Make copies.
  3. Sign or use an electronic autograph (transparent png file uploaded to your profile).
  4. Add your fingermarks and stamps.
  • Fill in Number 8 to include all your assets, children, etc. Add as many pieces of paper as required.
  • You may choose an additional common law notary to sign it; or get three people that know you to sign it which is equal to a notary.

PotS has many peoples studying Natural Law, Common law and How to be Sovran. The best way to start accessing learning is to attend Sunday de Jure Governance Meetings 2-4:30PM PST (1-2 Tech Support).

Sovran Card required. If you do not currently have means of credential verification, you can request sponsorship from one Wolverine and a Senior Peoples of the Salmon Headsman or Ha’aSaa.

We suggest you carry a copy of your instruments on you and have copies in your vehicles.

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