Original Peoples Sovereign Decree


This is an intragration of Sovereign Original Peoples East and West of ″Kaw-tum smanit″ (Rocky Mountains). Contains Articles 1-16. Delivered April 16, 2009. Verified by signatories February 21, 2021.

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Thank you for supporting “Peoples of the Salmon”, sharing Love, Light, and Harmony on The Creator’s Path of Kindness.

Articles 1-16… originally wrote and delivered April 16, 2009. Here is a sample:

As accepted by Her Majesty’s Allies:

“Sovereignty – ARTICLE 16:
We the Peoples of the Salmon accept the Proclamations and Royal Orders of the Mary Elizabeth Windsor Queen of the United Kingdom AS : SOVEREIGN ALLIES and by International Customary Law. No Purchases of our lands has taken place nor Valid Treaties. No Foreign Constitution is in effect to our People’s First Law of the Land.”

Stay tuned for more powerful words to come…

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