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EMPOWER YOURSELF Receive 1 hour consultation by phone from a knowledgeable Sovereign. For example, request support for the Original Peoples Enforcement Order and Estoppel By Conduct Notice of Liability to learn how to tailor it to your personal circumstances. Receive next steps if your case receives rebuttal. Email the address you receive at checkout to outline your requirements and give a few dates/times to schedule your call. Add 2 in your shopping cart to double your time.

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Use the email provided at checkout to schedule a 1on1 phone call to support your process.

  • Consultation Service: Receive phone assistance to help you word your cover letter, to help you tailor the Enforcement Packet to your personal circumstances.
  • Receive assistance with dealing with authorities, court appearances, property deeds and many other Sovereign topics.

Please add to Cart 2 Phone Consults to double your time to cover services rendered, etc.

NOTE: We are not lawyers, and only offer lawful advice. We hope our efforts make a positive difference in your life. We are not responsible for any outcomes regarding your own process and personal circumstances. After checkout, please use the email provided to outline what you require, give us a few dates and times to we can setup a consultation appointment to start your process. 

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