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Your Passport “Special Label” includes PotS Seals, your Affiliation Number and unique QR Code. When scanned, your code activates our Kanat’an Authentication Services to show you are in good standing. Designed so you can place your custom 3”x3.5” “Special Label” into any PASSPORT. Read below for a description (includes info. about WSA Passport).



Passport Special Label is 3”x3.5” and displays your:

    • Sovran Affiliation Number
    • which has been specially secured and coded into a unique QR Code graphic
    • which activates our Authentication Services so when scanned pulls up your custom page
    • includes PotS Seals and Headsman Blue Seal Notary

After you purchase our Special Label, the file will be in your email and in the online Hub, Shop Account, Downloads.

To Output: Download Special Label to your device. Print it out in colour. Cut out. Glue into your passport, e.g. page 6 of your WSA Passport. OR send the file to a professional sticker maker. Keep it “size-as” to fit in your passport 3″ x 3.5″.

Option: Print out. Add $1 stamp on the top right corner of the label. Write initials and date on a 45 degree angle, then add thumbprint to connect all 3 (do not cover QR Code and Affiliate#). Scan in and save as JPG. Then output.


No need to get a World Service Authority Passport. Our label goes into any passport.

We have included WSA info below. Here is a link to their site:  World Service Authority. 

World Passport is a WSA 30 page Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD*) with alphanumeric code line, scanned-in passport photo and “ghost” image, security paper with embedded logo, data page laminated with hologram, available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Esperanto.

  • 2×2 passport size photo, follow guide below to take a proper photo;
  • Where it says “special documents”, upload Special Label and request it be placed on page 6 (they email you method of payment ~ $30 US).
  • Upload your Credentials Card-front and Card-back to request it be placed on the diplomat pages (they will add fees).

The rest of the costs of your WSA World Passport vary depending on terms and shipping:

Choose a Term for your World Passport.. The Cost.. /Graphic +30 Days * Int’l Mailing
World Passport – 3 years $75 US $30 US $50 US* $10-35 US
World Passport – 5 years $100 US $30 US $50 US* $10-35 US
World Passport – 10 years $125 US $30 US $50 US* $10-35 US
World Passport Passport – 15 years $500 US $30 US $50 US* $10-35 US

Pay an additional $50 US for *30-day turnaround. Shipping is between $10 to $35 US.

How to Apply?

1. Go to <a href=”” target=”_blank”>World Service Authority</a> to fill in the application form for a World Passport.

a) Upload your 2×2 photo. Then where it says “Special Documents”, upload PotS Special Label and request they add it to page 6 of your passport. We advise that you upload an autographed/fingermark version of your Credentials Card to request they add to the Diplomat pages.

b) Complete the application process and pay their fees and shipping. You will receive a separate WSA email or notification to pay for your Special Label ~$30 US (per uploaded file).

Contact WSA to learn more about how to use your passport (202) 638-2662 Fax: (202) 638-0638

World Citizenship is the recognition that our rights and duties extend to humanity and to the Earth as our planetary home. As world citizens, we carry our rights and duties with us wherever we are, and we know that the world we share already unites us.

The mandate for the World Passport is based on Article 6 and Article 13(2) Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
“Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.” (Art. 6)
“Everyone has the right to leave any country, including one’s own, and to return to one’s country.” (Art. 13.2)

The cover is blue with gold lettering. Each passport is numbered. Each page-background has the World Citizen logo. Pages 6-7 are reserved for affiliate identifications: diplomatic corps, organizations, firms, etc. 19 visa pages. Inside top back cover: put your Domicile address  (be consistent to match all instruments including foreign address where name trust is established), next of kin, doctor, employer, driver license no., (option: also get a WSA exit visa no., and residency permit no.), and any additional national or international passport-identity numbers.

World Passport is designed to conform to nation-state requirements for travel documents. It does not indicate the nationality of its bearer, only their birthplace. It is a neutral, apolitical document of identity and potential travel document.

A passport gains credibility with its acceptance by authorities other than the issuing agent. The World Passport in this respect has a track record of over 65 years of acceptance. Currently, more than 185 countries have visaed it on a case-by-case basis. In short, the World Passport represents the one world we all live in. Everyone has the right to move freely in their natural birthplace, the Earth.

Read and comprehend the World Service Authority information ( and this Passport Special Label Product information.

TRAVEL NOTICE: The wealthiest countries in North America and Western Europe are the most restrictive and may reject a claim of “your right to travel” in violation of their own human rights obligations. We cannot guarantee you will be recognized as a Kanat’an National by service agents at this time. Having names and addresses consistent across all your instruments helps. Please refer to the Credentials Guide PDF and Hub-Learning.

Carrying a World Passport with Kanat’an National Special Label on page 6 and Credentials Card affixed to the diplomat pages enables you to identify as a Sovereign individual with innate and unalienable rights. It is a powerful tool to claim your birthrights as a world traveler (J treaty). In addition to being a symbol of our connection to humanity and the Planet, the passport provides a tangible way to educate others about our human rights as Sovereigns of the world.

“Over the years, border guards, immigration officers, consulates, and embassies from more than 95% of all nations have placed entry, exit, and visa stamps in the World Passport.” – WSA

There is a 5% chance but realistically no guarantee that your World Passport issued by WSA and Kanat’an National Credentials issued by us will be recognized currently or in your particular circumstances. For example, you may require a visa prior to travel and “without a visa already stamped in your passport, the airline, the airport, the immigration, or the border officials could arbitrarily, subjectively, and discriminatorily violate your rights”. We are living in a time of transition, we advise you to have your defacto government id’s as backup.

Fees for our Credentials Card and Passport Special Label are used to support PotS Platform. WSA 3rd party fees are used for their processing and issuing services. Once the instruments are issued, all fees are non-refundable.

All questions should be emailed to about your World Passport. Contact them to find out more about how to use your passport (202) 638-2662; Fax: (202) 638-0638; .

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