PotS Legal Public Notice


As a Wolverine and a PotS member, this is your Sovereign “identification” to the Corporation of Canada, that you are now a living flesh, blood and bone woman or man living within Natural Law!

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Updating your Profile online will populate all your instruments including your Sovran Legal Public notice which requires:

  • an uploaded photo of yourself, a close up head shot, well lit, neutral expression;
  • your full name;
  • and automatically includes your ID Number.

Once completed, you can download and print your instrument. You are then carrying proof that you have stepped out of the jurisdiction of the Corporation – and you are now living flesh, blood and bone woman or man living within Natural Law!

Login to update your profile online in order to populate your instruments so you can:

  • Download your Exemption Pass.
  • Purchase and Download/Print your Notarized Sovran Affidavit of Status.
  • Purchase and Download/Print/Laminate your Sovran ID Card.
  • Download/Print your PotS Legal Public Notice.

If you do not currently have means of ID verification, you can request sponsorship from one Wolverine and a Senior Peoples of the Salmon Headsman or Ha’aSaa.

Moving forward:

Our Tribunal consists of ten Original Peoples who reside in Kanat’an
Popois is the Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Headsman
Hemajolas is the Wolverine Clan Headsman
Maathlaatlaa is our Grandfather


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