Kanat’an Vehicle Plate


To get your Peoples of the Salmon Sovran Kanat’an Vehicle Plate, first purchase a PotS KVP custom graphic which displays your unique PotS ID Number and PotS identifiers such as Peace Pipe, PotS Logo, Emblem.

Your PotS KVP Graphic will go on a White Plate. Aluminum for outdoor use. 6″ x 12″ plate. 1″ x .24″ screw slots. To get your plate made by our 3rd Party manufacturer follow instructions below. We hope this serves you well 🙂

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Your purchase will provide you with a PotS KVP Graphic with your one of a kind Peoples of the Salmon ID Number. At checkout you receive the instructions outlined below and a weblink to our 3rd party manufacturer which costs are around $50 ($30 US) after exchange rate and taxes for a customized plate. Prices may vary.

PotS KVP Graphic will go on a White Plate. Aluminum for outdoor use. 6″ x 12″ plate. 1″ x .24″ screw slots. Graphic has a 1/8″ bleed to fill the edges.

Some provinces have a blank plate to display PotS KVP on a vehicle. If you want to display this as a single or central plate, please contact the required offices to take steps to ensure you will not be hassled with your Sovran Kanat’an Plates on the road, or ask for more information at a Sunday de Jure Government Meeting.

Steps to achieve your Kanat’an Vehicle Plate

  1. Register as a PotS affiliate (member) online.
  2. Attend 4 Sunday De Jure Tribunal Wolverine Meetings (login to access a video conferencing or calendar).
    • Request to Verify your Identification on camera, at Longhouse or Event.
    • Request a “Walk Off the Ship” ceremony on the 4th Sunday.
  3. Login to Edit Profile information in order to populate your instruments.
    • After purchase, a Download button appears for “PotS KVP or Vehicle Plate”. Download to save to your device.
    • At checkout you are directed to a 3rd party plate manufacturer (bookmark page):
      • Select “Customize This Design”.
      • Select “My Files” on the left to upload your “PotS KVP or Kanat’an Vehicle Plate” file.
      • Select “Fill” on the right to ensure PotS graphic is expanded to completely fill all the edges.
      • Select “Done” top right to add to shopping cart. You can buy more than one custom plate(s)!

Also available are your PotS Sovran ID Card, Notarized Sovran Affidavit of Status, Pots Legal Public Notice, PotS Exemption Pass and our Kanat’an World Passport which includes your PotS Special Label.

If you do not currently have means of ID verification, you can request sponsorship from one Wolverine and a Senior Peoples of the Salmon Headsman or Ha’aSaa, or request assistance at a Sunday Meeting.


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