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Get your Travel Plate collectable. This custom graphic displays your unique Member Number and PotS identifiers like the Official Unity Flag in the background, Peace Pipe, PotS Crest and Emblem, and Decree Seal. The plate is a White Aluminum 6″ x 12″ Plate made by a 3rd party manufacturer for outdoor use.  Follow instructions below.

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DISCLAIMER: You take full responsibility for the steps you take if you put our travel plates on the road. It is better you use these plates as decoration and not as official plates for the road at this time. Peoples of the Salmon are not liable for travel plate usage.

Go through the checkout to purchase your First Law of the Land / Unity Travel Plate custom graphic, with:

  • Your plate number which is your member number credentials;
  • Pots Crest and Seals;
  • Sacred Lands quote;
  • Copyright, all rights reserved.

At checkout, you receive detail instructions and a weblink to a 3rd party manufacturer (link is in your email as well). Save your file to your device. Use the 3rd party weblink to go direct to the manufacturers product page to upload your file to it. Sign up in their shop to complete checkout, and buy your plates (~$30 plus tax, delivery).

    • 6″ x 12″ aluminum plate for outdoor use
    • 1″ x .24″ screw slots

Our Custom Graphic has a 1/8″ bleed to fit the edges of the plate perfectly:

b) “Customize this Design”
c) “Upload Images” on the left to add your KTP file
d) “Done” top-right
e) “Add to Cart” to purchase customized Aluminum plate in their checkout service. Buy more than one.

Attend a Sunday De Jure Meeting for assistance.

TIP: Spray a couple of layers of “non-yellowing” clear coat over the front of the plates to protect the image.

Recommend you build your Sovran Travel Pack of instruments, and keep a copy in your vehicle, and have your Credentials Card in your wallet.


TRAVEL NOTICE: The wealthiest countries in North America and Western Europe are the most restrictive and may reject a claim of “your right to travel” with your travel plates in violation of their own human rights obligations. We cannot guarantee you will be recognized as a Kanat’an National by service agents at this time. Having names and addresses consistent across all your instruments helps, but is no guarantee.

Carrying a Passport with our Passport Special Label in it e.g. on page 6 with a copy of Credentials Card affixed to the diplomat pages, enables you to identify as a Sovereign individual with innate and unalienable rights. It is a powerful tool to claim your birthrights as a world traveler (J treaty). In addition to being a symbol of our connection to humanity and the Planet, in this way, your passport provides a tangible way to educate others about our human rights as Sovereigns of the world.

Regarding a World Service Authority Passport:

“Over the years, border guards, immigration officers, consulates, and embassies from more than 95% of all nations have placed entry, exit, and visa stamps in the World Passport.” – WSA

There is a 5% chance but realistically no guarantee that a World Passport issued by WSA and Kanat’an National Credentials issued by us will be recognized currently or in your particular circumstances. For example, you may require a visa prior to travel and “without a visa already stamped in your passport, the airline, the airport, the immigration, or the border officials could arbitrarily, subjectively, and discriminatorily violate your rights”. We are living in a time of transition, we advise you to have your defacto government id’s as a backup.

All questions should be emailed to about your WSA Passport, and ask about our credentials card and passport special label at a de jure governance meeting online.

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