Kanat’an Travelling Plate

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Get your Natural Law Kanat’an Travelling Plate. This KTP custom graphic displays your unique PotS ID Number and PotS identifiers like the Kanat’an Unity Flag in the background, Peace Pipe, PotS Crest and Emblem. The plate is a White Aluminum 6″ x 12″ Plate made by our 3rd party manufacturer for outdoor use.  Follow instructions below.

PotS Sovran ID Card required.

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After purchase, you will receive detail email instructions to follow and a weblink to our 3rd party manufacturer to acquire your custom Kanat’an Travelling Plate (about $32 US plus exchange rate, tax, delivery).

KTP Graphic has a 1/8″ bleed to fit the edges of the plate perfectly. From our email you will download and save the KTP file, and then Upload it to the manufacturers website so they can print it on a white aluminum plate for you.

    • 6″ x 12″ aluminum plate for outdoor use
    • 1″ x .24″ screw slots

3rd party plate manufacturer instructions:

a) ACCEPT COOKIES on their site
b) “Customize this Design”
c) “Upload Images” on the left to add your KTP file
d) “Done” top-right
e) “Add to Cart” to purchase your customized Aluminum plate through their checkout service. You can buy more than one if you like.

Attend a Sunday De Jure Meeting early at 1-2PM PST for tech support via the Hub.

Ask how to display your KTP on your vehicle at a Sunday meeting. Learning is ongoing in these times. Some provinces do not use both a front and back plate so you could display your PotS KTP on your vehicle. If you want to display KTP as the central plate you may be required to send notices to proper offices to ensure you will not be hassled with your Natural Law Kanat’an Plates on the road.  Recommend keeping a copy of your instruments in your vehicle and have your Sovran ID Card and/or Passport on you at all times. Ulnulmch – PotS Team 🙂

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