Kanat’an Sovran ID Card


Kanat’an Sovran Identification Card is included with your PotS Sovran Plan, and is the first of many custom instruments. A PotS ID Card displays your unique PotS ID Number, your signature & fingermarks, PotS Seals and your unique QR Code to access Kanat’an Authorization Process. Fill in your online profile to populate it.

This product is for instructional use only. No ID Card issued. Become a member first. See below.

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If you add this to your shopping cart you will be donating $25 to Online Services. No ID Card will be issued. To acquire your Sovran ID Card you must become a PotS Member to gain login access to the Hub, fill in your profile and download it from your active Member Account.

  • If you recently started a Sovran Plan you received email login credentials to access the Hub.
  • If you were a Member in the previous system please “reset your password” first using the same email address as before so the system will recognize you.
  • Attend Sunday meetings early at 1-2 PM PST for Tech Support 🙂

If you are not a Member yet, here are steps to acquire a Sovran ID Card:

  1. Start a Sovran Plan.
  2. Attend 4 Sunday De Jure Governance Meetings (go to peoplesofthesalmon.org. and use the EV Guide).
    • Request to Verify your Identification on camera, at Longhouse or an Event.
    • Request a “Walk Off the Ship” ceremony on the last Sunday of the month.

*If you do not currently have means of ID verification, you can request sponsorship from one Wolverine and a Senior Peoples of the Salmon Headsman or Ha’aSaa or request assistance at a Sunday Meeting.

When starting a Sovran Plan, you are emailed Hub credentials so you can Login to the Hub to Edit your Profile which fills in your instruments.

Once you are happy with your work in the Hub, follow ID instructions here: 

  • Download your ID Card from your account in the Hub.
  • Before cutting on ID Card registration marks:
    • FRONT SIDE: Sign it + add 2 purple THUMB marks
    • BACK SIDE: Add THUMB print + “Z Line” + hand print text (see product images or Hub sample).
  • For best results bring the PDF to a print house to print (then you add your purple royalty marks) and cut for you.
  • Laminate or buy a plastic pocket ID cover for it.

Note: Some Sovrans prefer to make many copies of their ID Card to place in all their vehicles and use as travel bag labels. They also prefer to use plastic pocket covers for each. Laminating reduces value.

Photo ID: close-up, well-lit, neutral expression, head-shot. jpeg, png, gif – CROP IN TIGHT

Autograph: you can add a scanned autograph into your profile (crop in close, no space, save as a png “transparent” NO background) or you can carefully sign your document after you print it out. Do not use scanned signatures.