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Assurance Plan: Inactive | Raising 1 million dollars: Active-Phase 1The status of our Assurance Plan is inactive until we raise 1 million dollars over the next year. The more members paying into this fund the quicker we reach 1 million to take lawful/legal steps to outline Travel Assurance protection for possible accident claims that bridge Sovran and Corporate worlds. Depending on the success of this initiative will determine whether this extends to home assurance, etc. We will change status to “Active” when we have an Assurance Claims Fund and Policy in place.

In the meantime, this package will help you get started online plus you receive all 6 instruments including your Kanat’an Travel Plate. (Consider getting your Sovran Window Decals, and build your Sovran Travel Pack, see “Learning”) and read our Travel Notice below.

Assurance Plan: Provides you with member login credentials to Pots Platform – Hub. Automatically renews $55 per month, starting one month from the purchase date.

Now 6 Instruments will be added to your Shop Account “Downloads”:

  1. Sovereign Credentials Card (included in all plans, added to passport diplomat pages).
  2. Kanat’an Travel Plate. (3rd party upload process and fees.)
  3. World Passport “Special Label”. (3rd party upload process and fees.)
  4. Kanat’an Sovereign Affidavit
  5. Kanat’an Legal Public Notice
  6. International Exemption Pass

Login and follow instructions. Fill in your Profile to customize instruments. Proofread. Download to your device. Print instruments in colour at home or at an outlet store.

Download: Credentials and Passport Guide

Attend Sunday meetings early at 1-2 PM PST for more assistance 🙂

Growing our Funds: 10% goes immediately to run PotS Platform. 90% is collected; every $5,000 transferred to a Financed Precious Metals Account with our partner WPMI. This account lives off shore in the Caymen Islands, and precious metals are secured in Ontario but may depend on your location.

Your Assurance Fund balance will display in your Member Account (in progress). It is held until the Assurance Claims Policy begins, at which time it will be used to pay vessel accident claims. You will gain access to your remaining portion of the fund upon retirement (amount depends on your claims overtime). (We are also in the process of decoding the CQV Trust to create a Bond Assurance and will notify in our newsletter when we achieve success.)

TRAVEL NOTICE: The wealthiest countries in North America and Western Europe are the most restrictive and may reject a claim of “your right to travel” in violation of their own human rights obligations. We cannot guarantee you will be recognized as a Kanat’an National by service agents at this time. Having names and addresses consistent across all your instruments helps. Please refer to the Credentials Guide PDF and Hub-Learning.

Carrying a World Passport with Kanat’an National Special Label on page 6 and Credentials Card affixed to the diplomat pages enables you to identify as a Sovereign individual with innate and unalienable rights. It is a powerful tool to claim your birthrights as a world traveler (J treaty). In addition to being a symbol of our connection to humanity and the Planet, the passport provides a tangible way to educate others about our human rights as Sovereigns of the world.

“Over the years, border guards, immigration officers, consulates, and embassies from more than 95% of all nations have placed entry, exit, and visa stamps in the World Passport.” – WSA

There is a 5% chance but realistically no guarantee that your World Passport issued by WSA and Kanat’an National Credentials issued by us will be recognized currently or in your particular circumstances. For example, you may require a visa prior to travel and “without a visa already stamped in your passport, the airline, the airport, the immigration, or the border officials could arbitrarily, subjectively, and discriminatorily violate your rights”. We are living in a time of transition, we advise you to have your defacto government id’s as backup.

Fees for our Credentials Card and Passport Special Label are used to support PotS Platform. WSA 3rd party fees are used for their processing and issuing services. Once the instruments are issued, all fees are non-refundable.

All questions should be emailed to about your World Passport, and for credentials card and passport special label.

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