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Get your very own Vinyl Decals, Magnets and Vehicle Panels. Choose from a number of bulk order prices to help you save. Select PotS Ink, design and quantity.

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Thank you for supporting “Peoples of the Salmon”, sharing Love, Light, and Harmony on The Creator’s Path of Kindness.

PotS Ink is having fun with the Unity Design Series creating decals and magnets. Our manufacturer may vary the arrangement and sizes of the decal sets for best fit. Use selection tool to choose: Design, Size, Style and Quantity. Your choice will not show up unless you choose the correct quantity. When in doubt, “Clear” to rest all choices.

  • Designs: Unity Flag (no text) or Unity Banner (peoplesofthesalmon.org)
    • Set of Rectangle Decals 7.5″X2.5″ (1.75″, 2.5″ to 4.5″, set of 2 or 3, varies per design);
    • BzCard Magnets 2″X3.5″;
    • Pair of Magnet Panels 12″x24″ for travel vehicle or other metal surfaces.
  • Designs: Unity Crest (PotS Logo) or Unity Deco (PotS Logo with a Fun Font)
    • Round Decals 3″X3″.
  • Quantity: 1; 2; 5; 10; 15; roll of 50. (If a bulk number is not available, choose one that is and use “qty” to double or triple the order.)

Please allow time for crowdfunding.
When 15 per design are sold we place an order. (Magnet Panels 12″X24″ come in a pair.)
Packaging is done with care and may include reused-recycled items.
You will be notified when shipped.
Delivery is by Canada Post from Powell River BC.

NO RETURNS at this time.

Produced with care in Powell River, BC, Kanat’an.
Each print is checked for quality.
Durability made to last.

You cannot order from the manufacturer direct as they do not hold media copyright or patents. Our bulk ordering gives you the best prices.

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PotS Ink

Decal Set (1.75″ | 2.5″ | 4.5″), Decal Round 3"x3", Magnet BzCard 2"x3.5", Magnet Car Panel 12″ x 24″


Unity Flag, Unity Banner, Unity Crest, Unity Deco


Single, 2, 5, 10, 15, Roll of 50



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