Sovran ID Card


Receive your Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Sovran Identification Card. (Included in a Member Plan.)

Follow the steps below and at checkout.

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Steps to achieve your PotS Sovran ID Card:

  1. Attend 4 Sunday De Jure Government Meetings.
    • Request to *Verify your Identification at a meeting; or at a Longhouse or Event.
    • Request to “Walk Off the Ship” ceremony at your 4th meeting.
  2. Login to the Hub to Edit your Profile and fill in your instruments. (ID Card is included in affiliation.)
    • After purchase, you can download to your device. (Also in Shop Account: Downloads).
    • For best results send the PDF to a print house to print, cut and laminate for you.
    • Before cutting on the registration marks, SIGN IT, and ADD 2 red ink fingermarks (see product image).

*If you do not currently have means of ID verification, you can request sponsorship from one Wolverine and a Senior Peoples of the Salmon Headsman or Ha’aSaa or request assistance at a Sunday Meeting.