Ground Spike


This Ground Spike is 20″ long and weighs 2 lbs. It goes on the end of our 8 foot flagpoles. You sink the ground spike into soft ground in order to stand your flagpole up. Necessary in windy conditions.

Unity Flag 36″x60″ is a very large flag that requires 2 8foot flagpoles in order to display it open. Be sure to order 2 ground spikes.

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Order now for next months Events!

Flag Kits available! Flags and hardware combined. You choose.
Event Kit: Unity Flag 36″x60″ + 8″x60″ Web Banner + 2 8ft adj. flagpoles + 2 wire stands and/or 2 ground spikes.
Mobile Kit: 3 Unity Flag Mini 12″x18″ Sets: Unity Flag 4Car + Unity Flag 4Hand (incl. wooden base) + Unity Flag 4Rail
Mariner Kit: Unity Flag Marine 18″x36″ + Unity Flag Mini 12″x18″ + Flagpole 4Rail.
Wall Kit: 1 Unity Flag 36″x60″ + 1 6ft. adjustable flagpole with wall mount bracket.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanat’an.
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Weight 907 g
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 5 cm