Flag Pole C-Clips


C-Clips secure Unity Flags to flagpoles so the material does not slip down. Useful if you are adding the Web Banner beneath the Unity Flag to display them both open on two poles, as the banner will not come with C-Clips. You will need to order a few extra.

TIP: Paint the metal C-Clips white to blend into the colour of the flag background.

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Order now for next months Events! Allow time for crowdfunding: 50 flags must sell to place an order which significantly lowers the price for you! “Share” this product with your friends and family to increase sales and speed up product arrival time.

Flag Kits available! Flags and hardware combined. You choose.
Event Kit: Unity Flag 36″x60″ + 8″x60″ Web Banner + 2 8ft adj. flagpoles + 2 wire stands and/or 2 ground spikes.
Mobile Kit: 3 Unity Flag Mini 12″x18″ Sets: Unity Flag 4Car + Unity Flag 4Hand (incl. wooden base) + Unity Flag 4Rail
Mariner Kit: Unity Flag Marine 18″x36″ + Unity Flag Mini 12″x18″ + Flagpole 4Rail.
Wall Kit: 1 Unity Flag 36″x60″ + 1 6ft. adjustable flagpole with wall mount bracket.

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Shipped from the FlagShop.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanat’an.
Durability made to last for years.


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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 7 cm