Enforcement Order & Estoppel By Conduct


STAND YOUR GROUND. Original Peoples Enforcement Order and Estoppel By Conduct Notice of Liability. Add to your personal arsenal. Two very powerful instruments we sent to Ministers & Military and other key government agents on your behalf. Includes Alliance of Kanat’an letterhead, footer-copyright, signatures and 2 Gold Seal Notary’s. Both Members/Non Members receive a Certified True Copy.

NOTE: Want Member* added features? If you haven’t already, sign up in a Sovran Plan first. Then purchase this product. Packet must be printed double-sided.

Members! Login online to gain access to tools to shape this packet to your personal circumstances. Fill in your Profile and add your own words to the the bonus Cover Letter. The Estoppel By Conduct letter will display your photo, name, address, autograph, tribe/nation, crest, member # and QR Code which directs the scanner to the Alliance of Kanat’an Verification Services, authenticating your instrument and verifying you are in good standing.

Full description below.

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All our instruments are like no other, truly one of a kind and done with the intent to change your jurisdiction to The First Law of the Land. The government (foreign incorporated municipal franchises or for-profit private corporations) have no land, no laws, no jurisdiction. So stand your ground. We give thanks to our blessed Estoppel Team: Popois, K, Maskwa, Noella and Fire. Gratitude.

Your packet will include 2 main parts:

  1. Original Peoples Enforcement Order, 4 pages. The 3rd page has original autographs and Gold Seal Notary. Option: Hand write a Title of your focus on the first page. Members: Displays your QR Code on page 2.
  2. Estoppel By Conduct Personal Liability Notice, 4 pages. The 3rd page has original autographs and Gold Seal Notary. Members: Displays your photo, name, address, autograph, QR Code that links to our Alliance Verification Services page.
  3. BONUS: Members receive use of a Cover Letter. The letter fits 2 paragraphs or 210 words and is on the same AKN letterhead. Includes additional features, see below.

NOTE: Packet must be printed double sided to accommodate z-lines claiming the blank sides of pages. Members must FIRST fill in Profile page and Cover Letter online in the Hub before downloading.

* Want Member added features? If you haven’t already, sign up in a Sovran Plan first. Then purchase this product.

This Notarized version we are offering to you is very powerful. A notary is a court officer that stands above the court in administrative processes.  This instrument package has been signed by our Hereditary Chief, Headsman and our Gold Seal Notary. Our Notary has agreed to receive any Estoppel rebuttals from service agents you present this notice to. (For more, email info@peoplesofthesalmon.org or visit a De Jure Governance meeting, see below.)

You can use this OP Order & Estoppel in monumental court cases, in roadside service agent interactions, and more. Keep a copy in your vehicles, bring with you when travelling overseas, etc. The consultation alone may spark you to do further research truly providing an educational experience in itself.

  • Take a stand against those who destroy our families and society for its own personal end and profit.
  • Demonstrate your rights and title to your property.
  • Express a superior jurisdiction. Learn what to say to challenge “them” right away.

1. Send your liability notice to ministers, provincial leaders, premiers, RCMP, the Federal Trade Commission in the US, the United Nations that governs the Canadian Criminal Code and other agents that would attempt to interfere with your life activities.

2. Keep record of who and when you send these notices so that if they violate the terms and conditions, there’s a record for enforcement.

3. Printing on Fine Cotton Bond Paper turns your work into an Instrument raising the level of seriousness and value.

4. You can mail your package to be Authenticated and Legalized to prevent it from being refused, ignored or destroyed. The highest level of authentication is Apostille which raises an instrument to International accepted level. Canada will have Apostille Services by Jan 2024. A Secretary of State in the Unites States or US Embassy may provide Apostille Services for Canadian instruments.

Always, keep all valuable instruments in your hidden fire safe.

Attend Sunday meetings 2PM PST for assistance.

* Want Member added features? If you haven’t already, sign up in a Sovran Plan to receive login access to the Hub. Then proceed through checkout to receive access to the digital files … but do not download yet if you want to customize them first:

  • Login to the Hub with your username and password.
  • Follow online instructions to fill in your Profile. This populates your instruments with your unique:
    • choose a tribe or nation, and then upload a crest to display in the letterhead
    • passport photo
    • full name
    • contact information
    • autograph
    • member number and QR Code (auto generated)
  • Fill in the Cover Letter Form to tailor it.

When scanned, the QR Code activates your Kanat’an Verification Services showing you are in good standing with the Alliance of Kanat’an, and gives the woman/man scanning it access to further information on your behalf of that of the Alliance. This service also Authenticates your instruments.

After you proofread and fine tune your instruments online in the Hub, go to Shop Account: Downloads to access digital files. Download the Cover Letter, Enforcement Order, and Estoppel to your device. You will receive 9 downloads over 90 days to build your packet.

You can buy Fine Cotton 24-30lb. bond paper and print your packet out in colour at home, DOUBLE SIDED, or go to an outlet near you for better quality.

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