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Members, you can find this in Instruments, “Enforcement Packet”. This flexible cover letter comes with our Alliance & First Law of the Land letterhead, footer, Headsman Blue Seal Notary and more. You tailor the content to your personal circumstances, by filling in your Profile page, and the “Cover Letter” 220 word-limit form. You can update the form to output another cover letter for another project, anytime. Proofread. Download. Print on 24-30% Cotton Paper. Includes QR Code to your personal Authentication Services page.

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Customize your instrument:

  • After you login to the Hub with your username and password, follow the online instructions to fill in your Profile.
  • Go to Instruments: “Enforcement Packet” to fill in the Cover Letter form. Follow the online instructions to download it.
  • Your cover letter will display your unique:
    • photo
    • full name
    • contact information
    • autograph plate
    • member number and QR Code
    • Birth Certificate, CUSIP, SIN/SSN Numbers (fill in as directed to hide parts of the numbers)
    • Cover Letter tailored to your personal circumstances. Max 220 words.

When scanned, the QR Code activates your personal Authentication Services showing you in good standing with the Alliance of Kanat’an, and gives the woman/man scanning it access to further information on behalf of the Alliance.

Always, keep all valuable instruments and originals in your hidden fire safe.

Attend Sunday meetings 2PM PST for assistance.

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