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EMPOWER YOURSELF Receive a 1 hour consultation from one of our most cherished and knowledgeable Sovereigns. For example, request support for the Original Peoples Enforcement Order and Estopple By Conduct Notice of Liability to learn how to tailor it to your personal circumstances. Receive next steps if your case receives rebuttal. You will receive an email address to contact at checkout. Outline your requirements and give a few dates/times to help schedule your session. Choose a phone or web conference below. Add 1 to cart for 1 hour. Add 2 to double time, etc.

See below for more info.

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  • Tired of police harassment or threats?
  • Stressed about getting stopped by police?
  • Want help standing your ground at the roadside?


  • Take a stand against those who destroy our families and society for its own personal end and profit.
  • Demonstrate your rights and title to your property.
  • Express a superior jurisdiction. Learn what to say to challenge “them” right away.


  • Are you being unnecessarily bullied, victimized?
  • Getting fines you just can’t afford?
  • Help minimize the trauma from vehicle stops.
  • Prevent fines or tax collection; prevent roadside securities agents from earning a commission at the roadside.

How do you use the Estopple By Conduct Notice of Liability and the Original Peoples Enforcement Order? 

Give personal liability notice to service agents. send Notice to your local police detachment, mayor, council, military, lawyers, judges, court clerks, doctors, hospital administrators, top government service agents

  1. Send your personal liability notice to ministers, provincial leaders, premiers, RCMP, the Federal Trade Commission in the US, the United Nations that governs the Canadian Criminal Code and other agents that would attempt to interfere with your life activities.
  2. Keep record of who and when you send these notices so that if they violate the terms and conditions, there’s a record for enforcement. See “Notary Services” to record with our team.

Why is the Notarized version we’re offering to you so powerful?

A notary is a court officer that stands above the court in administrative processes.  Our Notary has agreed to receive any Estopple rebuttals from service agents you present this notice to. Schedule a consult to go over your next steps.

NOTE: We are not lawyers, and only offer lawful advice. We hope our efforts make a positive difference in your life. We are not responsible for any outcomes regarding your own process and personal circumstances. After checkout, please use the email provided to outline what you require, give us a few dates and times so we can setup a consultation appointment to start your process.

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