Assurance Pack55


Assurance Pack55 provides:
Assurance Plan ($55 per month)
Plus 6 Instruments ($150 of digital downloads, includes Travel Plate)

See below for more information.

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This package will help you get started online and on the road. You receive all 6 instruments including your Kanat’an Travel Plate graphic you will upload to our 3rd Party Plate Manufacturer. Follow 3rd Party link at checkout or in your email to get your plate (~$30 CA). Consider getting your Sovran Window Decal here to bookmark their page, and add it to your cart with your plate.

Assurance Plan*: $55 is charged at checkout. Provides you with member login credentials to Pots Platform – Hub. Automatically renews $55 per month, starting one month from the purchase date. Assurance Fund is to be used to pay out your travelling accident claims on the road, and any unused portion is held for your retirement.

10% goes to run Central Operations and the balance is transferred, every $5,000, to a Financed Precious Metals Account with our partner >WPMI. The funds live off shore and PM are most likely secured in Ontario. Our goal is to reach 1 million (3-5 year plan) and take lawful/legal steps to outline Travel Assurance protection for possible accident claims that bridge Sovran and Corporate worlds. Depending on the success of this initiative will determine whether this extends to home assurance, etc.

We plan to develop (a) real time tracking to display your portion of this fund in your member account; and (b) create access to your remaining portion of the fund upon retirement or you transfer it to your loved ones (amount depends on your claims overtime).

6 Instruments are added to your Shop Account “Downloads” (includes future updates):

  1. Kanat’an Sovran ID Card (included in all plans). We recommend you add it to diplomat pages of your passport.
  2. Kanat’an Travel Plate. You upload KTP graphic to the plate manufacturers checkout process.
  3. Kanat’an Passport “Special Label” $25. You upload it to page 6 of your passport application process.
  4. Sovran Affidavit of Status $25
  5. Kanat’an Legal Public Notice $25
  6. International Exemption Pass $25

Login and follow instructions. Fill in your Profile to customize instruments. Proofread. Download to your device. Print instruments in colour at home or at an outlet store.

*If you were a PotS Member in the previous system use the email address you signed up with to reset your password: Lost Password? so PotS Platform will recognize you – avoids duplicate accounts. Then purchase this package.


Attend Sunday meetings early at 1-2 PM PST for more assistance 🙂