Mortgage Bank Fraud

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First let’s take a look at all parties involved in buying a property or home. This requires you (your signature/bankers-acceptance/creator of credit), the realtor, the bank … although there is much more going on. So what papers are you signing?

  1. The Mortgage Contract or PO you agree to and sign;
  2. The Mortgage Payment Plan you agree to and sign;
  3. The Insurance Deals and other assigns/transfers etc. going on behind the curtain.

1. The Mortgage Contract/PO you sign = a security they put through a treasury window. The Treasury provides the full value over the term, including interest, back to the bank. You are thinking that would be the $100,000 for the home? Nope! The full value at term; includes all payments and interest made over the term of your mortgage, e.g. 25 years.

Your signature = bankers acceptance = you created the credit. The bank did not. The bank holds that credit, and the title, to your home/property. BUT WAIT! Where did the credit come from? A loan from the Treasury? Nope! It came from your Estate ALL CAPS NAME Debtor Trust. But who owns the Estate? The property? Not you the living man or woman! The entity that created these things owns them. CANADA INC., THE BANK, your “PERSON” – the ALL CAPS NAME.

Then the security is applied a cusip # where the bank then trades on the secondary market, stock exchanges, for e.g. 33 year term with interest. They hold the full value of the cusip # and the gains, which includes 75-80% tender owed to your Estate by law. (Challenge: Regarding Canada Inc., where does it state 75-80% by law.)

Half of the puzzle is figuring out credit | debt and where things land. The short story is the national debt is a mirror of the credit that has been moved around from Estates to Corporations without balancing the Estates properly – all that debt is owed to your Estate to balance accounts. They have not been allowing this to happen, probably because it would mean disclosure to us, this requires our participation. There are many reasons they do not want to disclose.

2. The Payment Plan you sign and agree to is also treated the same way, although, you do not know that your property was paid for un full by your Estate within the first 30 days. So you agree to sign and pay each month until the term is due, willfully giving them $$ on top of the credit they already have. Plus you created joinder with all the terms and agreements in the contract – so do not miss a payment and fall in dishonour. That creates more layers of mess on top of you.

3. The insurance and other transfers and assigns are done all behind the scenes, and the only way to see behind that curtain is to get a securitization audit level 3 done on your mortgage. One of the swaps that occurs is if you default and the mortgage goes into foreclosure, the Insurance Corporation gets full value of the property, not the bank. Another party that benefits here, and there are more! The bank assigns for % value of the deal to other parties without your knowledge. All they needed was your bankers acceptance, your signature, to expand their gains.

And the story goes on.

How do we the peoples get valuable consideration? By first learning what the PERSON is, the Estate Debtor Trust, and how all this began – with the registration of live birth mom, the original grantor, signed as she transferred grantor-ship to the entity that took it from there. It is all about commercial paper, securities, notes, promissory notes, bills of exchange.

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