PotS Food Offering on Remembrance Day

Food offering for the Ancient Ones on Remembrance Day

On November 11, Peoples of the Salmon Tribunal member, Giltimi in Kitamaat village, will offer Spirit Plates of Food to our Ancient Ones’ Spirits at 11am.

Once our Ancient Ones acknowledge this food offering by fire, they will invite all global Peoples’ Spirits to join for these spirit food offerings.

Giltimi requests you light candles at 11am, November 11, for the Spirits. And those walking in darkness, will see this Light and feel this Light, Love, Peace, Harmony, on the Creator’s Path of Kindness – by walking together, sharing love at this time.

At 11am, our Ancient Ones will help Peoples of the Salmon accomplish this, to assist all globally – and help for all will begin.

Remember to share this Light of Love, pass this message on. For getting this love message out, globally, our hands up too all!

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