Proof of Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples

Proof of Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples, DRIPA*, First Law of the Land

There is no district of Sechelt Lands under Title therefore there cannot ever be a Bill of Sale. This is based on Popois v. Regina of December 14, 2010 court documents filed by Lawyer Atherton in the District of Sechelt (BC Supreme Court case number VLC-S-S-096327 Vancouver Registry[1]) which states the District of Sechelt does not have Title to Lands;

and Mus-Swiya v. Royal Bank of April 23, 2012 (Federal Court case number T-1943-11[2]) which states the Lands are deemed Original Peoples Lands and CROWN CORPORATIONS have no lawful legal Title nor Possession of the Fee Simple Lands therefore they have no Jurisdiction;

and Gitxaala Nation v. Chief Gold Commissioner of BC September 2023 (BC Supreme Court case number S219 179 and S224 680[3]) whereby the attorney general lawyers stated that CROWN CORPORATIONS are only managers of the Land and managers of the state;

and as per the Quieting Titles Act 1948, Chapter 327, Article 2: Any person claiming to be the owner of an estate in fee simple in land, or any trustee for the sale of the fee simple, shall be entitled, upon petition to the Supreme Court, to have his title judicially investigated and the validity thereof ascertained and declared by the said Court; and he shall be so entitled whether he has the legal estate or not, and whether his title is subject or not to any charges or incumbrances.

[1] VLC-S-S-096327:

[2] T-1943-11:             

[3] S219 179 and S224 680:


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