Proofread your Instruments & Acquire in the Shop

, your Sovran Instruments are unique and based on the First Law of the Land, our Common Law since time immemorial. Open a previewer to proofread your work. It takes a few moments to generate. Make changes in your Profile and don’t forget to SAVE before you return.

ID Card is included in your plan. Download button is in the black bar, top-right.

Shop product category “Publishing : Instruments” are exclusive to members. (Go to DJG Mtgs early 1-2 PST for assistance.)

Instructions are outlined in each product, and in emails that you get after checkout. (Vehicle Plate and Passport “Special Label” include a weblink to a 3rd party producer.)

Download after checkout or visit your Shop Account “Downloads” to save to your device. (You are required to upload the necessary file to 3rd party producers. Ulnulmch)