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By supporting Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) you will play a critical role in influencing and contributing to the building of sovereign sustainable communities that operate within Natural Law and reflect Unity in diversity across Kanat'an Sacred Land.

Those who join and interested parties are welcome to attend regular Sunday de Jure Government Meetings onsite at our Longhouse and events, or by remote conferencing. There is much to learn and we will do it together.

Work on Sovereignty and acquire your Instruments (preview in the shop):

  • Sovran ID Card is included with your plan.

  • Sovran Affidavit of Status $25

  • PotS Legal Public Notice $25

  • PotS Exemption Pass $25

  • Kanat'an Vehicle Plate $15 Fee (Plus 3rd Party Manufacturing Terms: $31 US plus shipping)

  • Kanat'an World Passport in accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. $25 Fee   (Plus 3rd Party WSA Application Terms: $200/3year, $225/5year, $250/10year, or $625/15year.)

Consider joining our Ha'aSaa Health Care Team as a Health Care Provider.  Our Peoples Adverse Events System requires health practioners, nurses and doctors. We are honoured to Serve.


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