Joining the Sovereign Peoples of the Salmon as an affiliate is a leap off the ship of the Crown Corporation of Canada, as a Free Being, onto the Sacred Land known as Kanat’an. Acquire your Sovran World Passport in accord with Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

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What does a PotS affiliation require and provide you?

Affiliates of PotS play a critical role in influencing, contributing and supporting the building of sovereign sustainable communities that operate under Common de jure Law, which reflect Unity in diversity across ‘Kanat’an’, which means “Sacred Land”.

PotS community Affiliates share, support and enable our collective vision to be expressed in a variety of ways, including your contributions of experienced service(s), voice and/or your financial support via Affiliate donations.

How does a PotS affiliation support you?

Kanat’an was never conquered nor purchased. Original Peoples have jurisdiction. All who travelled to Kanat’an on Ships from other countries were placed under contract as indentured slaves with the Crown as recorded in Ship Manifests. This was continued with all who were born here, as they were registered with a B.C. and Cusip number by their parents entering them into the same contract.

Once adopted into the Wolverine Clan by Peoples of the Salmon, you leave the world of fiction of the Canada Inc. Corporation/corrupt Foreign Government to reclaim your birthright and Trust, standing united with Original Peoples. You are part of a safe and transparent community of peoples living by Natural Law of the Creator. Peoples of the Salmon are inclusive of all peoples regardless of where they are from. You are now with your brothers and sisters as Stewards of the Land, growing forward in Love and Light.

What does a PotS affiliation require from you?

This is important work we are doing and requires committed Sovran Affiliates. We ask you to bring your skills and passions to contribute as a Wolverine and to the Peoples of the Salmon.  Your ideas reflect our common unity in diversity across Kanat’an, “Sacred Land”.

For more information on the unique services and fees for a PotS Affiliation (Member), Sovereign: Affidavit of Status, Passport, and ID Card, see How to Join.

For additional

Remove your consent to be governed by Corporate Canada!

As an AFFILIATE you will…

  • Have an opportunity to join in the Peoples of the Salmon Sunday meetings to learn how to move off the Corporate Canada ship and live as a Sovran free being with our God given Rights and freedom of choice.
  • Learn how to acquire your Sovran Affidavit of Status, International Exemption Pass, and World Passport that work to free you from the control and limitations of the Corporation of Canada, taxes and maritime law (fees apply). Check our FAQ page for more information and details on these benefits.
  • Have an opportunity to directly impact the lives of others by your contributions to the community and by informing others of the benefits to join the freedom movement.
  • Learn from our media resources how we are involved in supporting and assisting your community.
  • Have the opportunity to become actively involved through our Si Si Giuelth Mission and volunteer committees.
  • Support the work through your donations, helping us to create opportunities for people to be more connected and included in their communities.
  • Receive newsletters and media releases to keep you informed of important issues, current and upcoming events/news, and how you are making a difference in the community.
  • Join the Community and add your name to the list of those who support and advocate for the Sovereign rights and freedoms for all humanity.
  • Benefit and be included when the trust funds liquidate and land is returned.

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