What Happened to You?

When you were born you were given a Natural Trade Name by your families/tribes which your mom signed over to FOREIGN INCOPORATED MUNICIPAL FRANCHISES without full disclosure. For-profit entities created name variations, e.g. one for a “transmitting utility”, a trust estate, a “trust fund” (Foreign Situs Trust and/or, Ces’t T’ui Que Vie Trust), and a lot of commercial papers (many Birth Certificate extracts, securities) every time you filled in an application or registration and signed it. You were taught to work/contract within the system as citizen/person/employee so their laws/statutes/rules/regulations apply to YOU!

They leave you in the dark so you cannot see the layers of fraud. Then they flipped this system upside down and made you the Trustee, the person liable for everything. Learn with us how to flip it upright again to reclaim your Beneficiary role, the one who enjoys the benefits.

Maxim of law: “fraud vitiates everything.” This fraud affects your Standing and Settlement on the land Jurisdiction you were born in, leading to more unlawful treatment as you simply live your life totally ignorant. Read ALL your contracts and terms of agreements, the securities fraud is all there!

Why Get Started Online?

We are learning how to reclaim our Sovereign Birth Right. Sign up in a Sovran Plan to receive a username and password to our private online Hub. Work at your own pace to:

  • Access helpful online instructions on how to fill in your Profile – which builds your instruments.
  • Update your Member Account anytime, e.g. profile, sovran plan, email address.
  • Read tips on how to apply instruments in community to signal sovereignty.
  • Learn with us on how to decode your standing and settlement.
  • (A Directory is coming soon to support you in the public.)

Alliance of Kanat’an groups may add their own Tribe/Nation Name and 2″X2″ round Crest to our instruments. (ePublishing is provided by the “Peoples of the Salmon & Wolverines”).

You also receive a unique Affiliate Number and QR Code that displays on all your Instruments, when scanned, activates our online services, Authenticating your tribal papers showing you are Alive and in Good Standing.

  • You live by the Unity Flag of Peace, Trade and Good Governance;
  • You are Alive Sovereign Soul living in The First Law of the Land;
  • You are Steward of the Planet (e.g. clean up/regenerate AIR H20 SOIL);
  • You live in harmony with all beings across Sacred Lands; no harm, no stealing.

Steps to Join

Are you a Member from the previous system 2021-2022? To ensure PotS Platform will recognize you and to prevent duplicates, use the email address you signed up with to first Reset Your Password. (Contact us if you forget your email address.) Then start a plan.

  1. Start your Plan Credentials Card included in all plans.
  2. Login to the Hub with your username and password. Follow online instructions. Update your plan, profile and email address anytime.
  3. Attend 4 de Jure Governance meetings and request to “Walk off the Ship of Commerce” last Sunday of the month (Audience Access Sundays 2PM PST).
Step forward Volunteers! Meet Sundays 1-2PM PST before meetings.
  • Support Central Ops: Bookkeeper, Clerk, Web Updates, A/V Team, Marketing.
  • Wholistic and Health Professionals are welcome to build the Ha’aSaa Health Care team.

Sovran Plans

Help us keep the lights on. Fees run central operations, provide powerful personalized instruments, and ensure design and development continue to fulfill greater good. Choose your plan and checkout the instrument-bundle that goes with it.

Plans For Your BudgetMonthlyAnnuallyAutomated Payment Method
Sovran Sky Sovran Sky$25$250Credit Card / Stripe
Sovran Tree Sovran Tree$5$50Credit Card / Stripe
Setup re-occurring payments using our secure gateway and a credit card, automatically renews.
Flexible PlanMonthlyAnnuallyManual Payment Methods
Sovran Ground Sovran Ground***By FlexPayment, cash, cheque, e-transfer
Sign youth up in a free plan. Purchase instruments individually in the Shop. Use FlexPayment to pay by cash at Longhouse or Event. Pay when you want. If you cannot afford it, no one is left behind.
  • All Plans include a customized Sovran Credentials Card that you can get laminated.
  • We ask that you are 18+ years of age to be active online, or guided by a parent or guardian.
  • Plans do not expire – Lifetime Affiliation.


We design & copyright them! You customize them when you fill in your profile information. They display your member # and QR Code to activate our Authentication Services. Choose to display your own Tribe/Nation’s Name and Crest – must be in the Alliance of Kanat’an. 8.5″x11″ Letters include Headsman UCC Blue Seal Notary. Download to your device, print in colour, or for best quality get an outlet to do it for you.

InstrumentShop PricePer TermPer Custom Graphic30 Day TurnaroundMail International
Credentials Cardincluded
Sovereign Affidavit$25
Enforcement Order & Estoppel By Conduct$75
Legal Public Notice$25
International Exemption Pass$25
Vehicle Plate 6″x12″$25$31 US$10-35 US
Passport Special Label $25
Instruments are bundled in Plans or purchased individually by credit card, e-transfer, cheque or cash. Members may access these products via the online Hub Catalogue.
  • All fees are in Canadian currency, except where noted.
  • Build your Sovran Packet with us! Instruments may be carried on you. Use the card on luggage. Keep a packet in vehicles to support you are a Sovereign woman or man.
  • Attend Sunday meetings early at 1-2PM for assistance.
  • Kanat’an Vehicle Plate custom graphic is $25 – you upload this file to a 3rd Party manufacturer and complete their checkout. Add ~$31 US plus tax/shipping, their prices may vary.
  • Read Disclaimer.

World Service Authority (WSA) World Passport

Until we decode our Standing and Passport, here is an option for you. WSA World Passport is a 30 page Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD*) issued by the World Service Authority, that has an alphanumeric code line, scanned-in passport photo and “ghost” image, security paper with embedded logo, data page laminated with hologram, available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Esperanto.

Showing consistent name, address and QR Code on all your papers increases the chances you will have no issues at border crossings. Plus merge your WSA World Passport with our Verification Services to Authenticate your papers. Add our powerful 3″ X 3.5″ Special Label to page 6, a $25 custom graphic that displays your QR Code, that you will upload to WSA when you fill in their online application. Scan your completed credentials card to add to the diplomat pages. ~$30 US/upload. Price of your passport depends on the terms and shipping you choose.

WSA World PassportPer TermPer Graphic Upload30 Day TurnaroundMail International
3 years$75 US$30 US$50 US$10-35 US
5 years$100 US$30 US$50 US$10-35 US
10 years$125 US$30 US$50 US$10-35 US
15 years$500 US$30 US$50 US$10-35 US

The mandate for the World Service Authority Passport is based on Article 6 and Article 13(2) Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.” (Art. 6)

“Everyone has the right to leave any country, including one’s own, and to return to one’s country.” (Art. 13.2)

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