Steps to Join

  1. Submit and pay for your PotS Affiliation using the Application Form.
  2. Sign our Declaration of Non-Confidence to cease governance under the Corporation of Canada.
  3. Register as a Wolverine Clan member after you have attended four Sunday Wolverine clan meetings, either in person at the long house in BC, or via video conference.
  4. If you are a health care provider: register as a Doctor or Health Care Worker to join with our Ha’aSaa Sovran Health Care team.
  5. Log in with your Member ID and complete all tasks in the pop-up window.
  6. Download our Exemption Pass. This will give you the lawful rights under Criminal Code 15 to be exempt from being injected by the Corporation of Canada. These documents are for British Columbia and Ontario, but may be edited to apply to your own province and your provincial Premier.

Affiliation Categories

PAID Affiliates

  • Donation to Peoples of the Salmon
  • 18+ years of age
  • Includes all members of the household
  • Lifetime Affiliation

NO FEE Affiliates

  • Personnel (who make a donation)
  • Honorary: current and past affiliates of the Wolverine Council and others as bestowed with Clan approval
  • Complimentary: active volunteers and community partners; siblings under the age of 18 years in an affiliate household

How much is an affiliation?

The following table lists the services and Affiliation (member) fees for the Exemption Pass, Affidavit of Status, Sovereign ID Card and Sovereign World Passport:

ProductMonthlyAnnuallyPer TermOne-Time Admin Fee30 Days Processing
PotS Member + Exemption Pass$5$50$50
Affidavit of Sovereign Status$75
Sovereign World Passport – 3 years $75 US $75$50 US
Sovereign World Passport – 5 years $100 US$75$50 US
Sovereign World Passport – 10 years $125 US$75$50 US
Sovereign World Donor Passport
– 15 years
$500 US$75$50 US
Sovereign ID Card$25
Sovereign Ha’aSaa Care Providers$25$250$50
  • All fees are in Canadian currency, except where noted otherwise.
  • These instruments may be carried with you to present as Factual Proof of your status as a Sovran woman, man or child.


  • There is a $50 one-time sign-up administration fee, plus $5 monthly or $50 annual affiliation fee, which includes your Exemption Pass and administration fees.
  • To apply for an Affidavit of Sovereign Status, there is a $75 administration and documentation fee. This is inclusive of instruction, addition of PotS signatures and seals and delivery of the final Affidavit.
  • To apply for your PotS “Kanatan” Sovereign World Passport there is a $75 administration and processing fee, plus the cost of the Passport, which varies depending on whether it’s for 3 years ($75 US), 5 years ($100 US), 10 years ($125 US), or 15 years Donor passport ($500 US) *Additional $50 US processing fee for 30-day turnaround.
  • To apply for your Sovereign ID Card (identification) there is a $25 administration and processing fee.
  • For Doctors and Health Care providers interested in Affiliation with our Sovereign Ha’aSaa group, the annual affiliation fee is $25 monthly or $250 annually.


Due to major difficulty with our previous website host, which resulted in the delay of delivery of our Affidavit of Status, Exemption Pass and Sovereign ID Card, the affiliation fee structure has been altered to the current one. Those who have paid the full annual affiliation fee of $250 (previous fee structure) will receive the Exemption Pass, Sovereign Affidavit of Status, and Sovereign ID card at no additional cost. All other affiliates joining on this current website will shift to the new plan. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact

We apologize for the delays, necessary to provide the best possible solutions for creating a brighter Sovereign world. As we grow, we are learning to provide the clearest path to unity, peace and harmony within the loving spirit of our Creator.

“Kanatan” Sovran World Passport

The Kanatan (“Sacred Land” – aka Corporation of Canada) World Passport is a 30 page Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD*) with alphanumeric code line, scanned-in passport photo and “ghost” image, security paper with embedded logo, data page laminated with hologram, available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Esperanto.

World citizenship is the recognition that our rights and duties extend to humanity and to the Earth as our planetary home. As world citizens, we carry our rights and duties with us wherever we are, and we know that the world we share already unites us. 

The mandate for the World Passport is based on Article 6 and Article 13(2) Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

“Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.” (Art. 6)

“Everyone has the right to leave any country, including one’s own, and to return to one’s country.” (Art. 13.2)

A Sovran ID Card is required to apply for and receive a Peoples of the Salmon “Kanatan” World Citizen Passport.

PotS Sovran ID Card Requirements

To receive a PotS Sovran ID card, one must be adopted as a Wolverine into the Peoples of the Salmon Wolverine Clan.

Steps to complete:
  1. Attend Four Sunday De Jure Tribunal Wolverine Meetings.
  2. “Walk Off the Ship” ceremony.
  3. Complete and download your Exemption Pass with photo identification (uploaded on the website).
  4. Complete and receive a Notarized Sovran Affidavit of Status.
    If the Wolverine does not currently have means of identification verification, s/he will require sponsorship from one Wolverine and a Senior Peoples of the Salmon (Headsman, HaaSaa).
  5. Verification of the person via Zoom by the Enrollment Coordinator (Agnes).

Once you have completed the above steps you will receive your PotS Sovran ID Card, which you need to apply for your PotS “Kanatan Sovran” World Passport.