Official Record of Notices Served

As the de Jure Governance of Kanat’an, we present a record of letters and notices served to all de facto Corporations and their Service Agents; to Queen Margaret, to King Charles, to Doctors, to Lawyers, to all Service Agents and to the Peoples of Kanat’an across our Sacred Lands. We hope this enlightens you to our standing.

2022 Recognition Services

2022-01-11 Alliances of Kanat’an – Order to Vacate

  • Popois uses his personal Legal Public Notice as an Order to Vacate.

2022-03-22 Direction Order – Appointment – Exequatur

  • Headsman Popois bestows permission on the Provost Marshal to enforce the Rights of the Sovereign Peoples of Kanat’an

2022-03-25 Acts of War Presentment – 7 Documents

  1. 2022-03-22 Appointment & Exequatur
  2. CATSA Claims Management (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority)
  3. Summary Judgement – Certificate of Non Response to:
    Governor General
    The Bank of Canada
    Dishonoured Presentment by Canada – Certificate of Non-Response to Future Protest
    House of Commons
    Governor General
    Province of BRITISH COLUMBIA, Premier John Horgan
  4. Response to an Act of War
  5. Tribunal Directive
  6. Traditional Knowledge, Custom and Tradition, Independence and Sovereignty,
    Canadian constitution 1982, U.K. Section 35(1) to:
    The Rt. Hon. Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada
    Hon. David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
    Governor General Her Excellency Mary Simon and her Majesty the Queen UK
    PrimeMinister and Ministers of Indian Relations and Reconciliation
    Brigadier-General Simon Trudeau
    General Wayne Eyre
    Provost Marshal
    Lieutenant (Navy) Bernie Dionne Public Affairs Officer
    Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
    Canadian Forces Military Police Group
  7. Exemption Pass – Dishonoured Presentment, Certificate of Non-Response

2022-05-11 Detainment Order

  • Peoples of the Salmon, Alliance of Kanatan, De Jure Government issues an Order of Detainment of the de facto Government of Canada Actors Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and Melanie Joly

2022-05-11 Federal Agents Direction Order

  • Peoples of the Salmon issues a Directions Order to Federal Agents, to immediately cease the mRNA bioweapon and respond within 10 days:
  • CATSA Regional Director
  • Vancouver YVR
  • CEO Michael Saunders
  • Vice President Nancy Fitchett, Corporate Affairs
  • Vice President Neil Parry Service Delivery
  • Vice President Lisa Hamilton, Corporate Services, General Council Corporate Secretary
  • CATSA Access to Information and Privacy, Ottawa

2021 Recognition Services

2021-07-21 Cease-and-Desist Package

2021-09-07 Verification of Mailings

2021-09-15 11 Instruments Sent to:

  • Provost Marshal Bernard Dionne RCM Strategic Military Command
    Derek Andriatz, Esquimalt BC
  • Maxim of law: “No one can unjustly enrich himself at the expense of others”
  1. Writ of Mandamus – Sept 10, 2021
  2. This Corporation is and still commits Genocides by Vaccination and Forced Protocols of Vaccine Passport
  3. Summary Judgment – Sept 10,2021
  4. The Prime Minister by enforcing Acts of Confinement and Segregation, through an ACT of PARLIAMENT called the Indian Act. This has never been made into law that would allow this/these corporation[s] to steal the Originals Peoples Resources and Lands
  5. Dishonour – June 22, 2021
  6. Certificate of Dishonour – July 23, 2021
  7. Order to Rescind – Sept 10, 2021
  • and other documents to establish Criminality

2021-08-23 Letter to Governor General and Provost

2021-09-30 Letter to Military

2021-10-18 To Corporation of Canada – Cease and Desist

2021-11 Offer of a Peace Pipe Ceremony

2021-11-23 Open Letter to Doctors

2021-12-09 “Vaccine” Bioweapon Notice of Liability to Fraser Health

2021-12-09 “Vaccine” Bioweapon Notice of Liability to BC Women’s Hospital

2008 Royal Proclamation & Indian Rights to Land >> Letters Served by Popois
Writ of Mandamus You Can Serve >> Tribunal Overturning Emergency Acts

By The First Law of the Land & Tribunal

Legal Public Notice to All Corporations, Crown and Peoples of Kanat’an

When you become a Sovran Affiliate, a Kanat’an National, you change your jurisdiction to The First Law of the Land. You will receive a unique Member Number and QR Code to display on all your own instruments. When scanned, your instruments will activate Kanat’an Verification Services showing you are a Sovereign in good standing with the Alliance of Kanat’an. All instruments present paid stamps, Seals, Letterhead and Headsman Blue Seal Notary. Kanat’an Legal Public Notice is one of many instruments that serve as your Sovereign Credentials stating you are not part of the Corporation of Canada, and are free to travel, another freedom which exists within Natural Law. You may acquire your own custom LPN to use. Click open the “2022 Recognition” viewer to see how our Headsman Popois uses his own LPN as an Order to Vacate.

Original Peoples Rights and Title 2013

Receive a copy of the Documents used to protect and demonstrate the history and correctness of Indian Title to the Land and Indian Rights. A collection of 50 pages.

Sovereign Decree 2009

An intragration of Sovereign Original Peoples East and West of ″Kaw-tum smanit″ (Rocky Mountains). Contains Articles 1-16. Delivered April 16, 2009. Verified by signatories February 21, 2021.

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