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Action steps to take for those wishing to join as the Peoples of the Salmon members

  1. Register as a member choosing a payment plan on your terms.
  2. Login to the Hub with your username and password to:
    1. Complete your Sovran Tasks.
    2. Edit Profile your information anytime. This will also populate your instruments.
    3. List skills and strengths you would like to offer. Join the Ha’aSaa Team as a Health Care provider, e.g. a doctor, nurse, somatic therapist and help with our powerful Adverse Events Program.
    4. Update your member plan anytime.
    5. Access PotS video conferencing, Calendar of Events and more.
  3. Attend four Sunday de Jure Government meetings in person or via video conference and request a *Walk off the Ship of Commerce* ceremony.

    After you have attended four meetings you can join us in a meaningful Original Peoples of Kanat’an ceremony in walking off the ship of commerce, and walk with us in partnership with Sacred Land of Kanat’an in to the future with Love and Light!

    *This can be done in person at our Sunday Longhouse meetings, or by logging in to the Hub to access video conferencing. All Canadians are eligible. General Public may request access to Sunday Public meetings: info[at]

    For further knowledge of the Corporation of Canada, refer to our FAQ Blog post.

  4. Sign our Declaration of Non Consent to stop being governed by the Corporation of Canada
    Watch on Bitchute
  5. Acquire your Instruments in the Shop. Once you purchase, a button appears in your profile to download and print.
    • Sovran ID Card $25.
    • Sovran Affidavit of Status $25 is an action to reclaim your living body, all assets you own, and children under 18. This is a document that claims that you and your living body are the owners of the aforementioned, and NOT the Corporation of Canada. This document should be notarized by a common law notary, or by our Headsman, Popois. Alternatively, three people that know you, can also sign it. This is equal to a notary.
    • PotS Exemption Pass $25. This will give you the lawful rights under Criminal Code 15 to be exempt from being injected by the Corporation of Canada. This document is for B.C. It can be edited to apply to your own province and your provincial Premier. The RCMP file number 2221-32299 quoted on it is from North Vancouver RCMP report charging Lions Gate Hospital with conflict of interest due to vaccinated mothers. Watch: 13 stillborn deaths in 24 hours on November 11th – by Dr. Mel Bruchet and Dr. Daniel Nagase
    • PotS Legal Public Notice $25.
    • Kanat’an Passport coming soon.
  6. Get involved!

    Being a Wolverine Clan member is a great honour within the traditions of the Original People. You are expected to get involved in our activities and contribute with your talents and gifts. We are building our new world and we need everyone on board. There is much to do. Please join our Volunteer video meetings. Links are posted in our Telegram and Signal groups.

    Start today by sharing this flyer and the video above.


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