We are a small [Canadian] group working to decode a system that has always existed, we were just never taught how to use it. By sharing our collective knowledge we support you to reclaim & signal your Sovereignty to speed up our transition to a positive system. We do not guarantee outcomes regarding your personal circumstances so please do your own due diligence. Tap open to get started. (Disclaimer) This is not legal advice. This is for educational and or entertainment purposes.

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YouTube.com Channels:

  • Reclaim Your Securities
  • Paths2Frdm
  • Brandon-Joe: Williams
  • Christopher Hauser

Some resources to consider… use your discretion:

  • Locate County Court Clerk to file LPN.
    • Send by Fax Number: (Sovereign Affidavit), LPN and cover letter which states by law they have to file.
    • Request local Court Clerk file it, they keep one copy and stamp your copy for your Sovran Pack. Register with a County Clerk. Bring a witness. Witness signs that they refused to file it.
    • Start a Special Cause Filing $80 to get in the door, and file your cover letter/LPN with it, then cancel the process once your filing gets in.
    • Legal Notice to Clerk
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