We are a small [Canadian] group working to decode a system that has always existed, we were just never taught how to use it. By sharing our collective knowledge we support you to reclaim & signal your Sovereignty to speed up our transition to a positive system. We do not guarantee outcomes regarding your personal circumstances so please do your own due diligence. Tap open to get started. (Disclaimer) This is not legal advice. This is for educational and or entertainment purposes.

Sovran 201: Affidavit of Ownership – Minnesota 220 Rule

To take over your duties as co-Trustee and Beneficiary of your Trust (ledger), put on the proper record that you are competent and over the age of majority, which is 18 to 21 depending on province/state. There are many ways of stating this fact.

  1. Prepare a Certificate or Affidavit of Ownership, or a Minnesota 220 Rule. Print on cotton paper.
    • Get it notarized so it can be
    • Authenticated to raise your standing and speak at the Federal Level. These seals are backed by the full faith and credit of the Unites States.
    • For documents to be viable in another contracted state, get them Apostille to raise your document to the International Level. Contact the US Embassy or wait until January 2024 to request a designated ministers office in Canada do it.
  2. Post it in the newspaper for 1 or 2 cycles. You will receive an Affidavit of Publication. If Canadian newspapers won’t provide this document, use a US one.
  3. File your packet in the County Recorders Office in the province/state your were born, but first attach the Affidavit of Publication. Legally now they cannot refuse.

Authenticate your Registration/Certificate of Live Birth.

  1. Request a certified copy of your Registration/Certificate of Live Birth.
  2. Print 2 colour copies on cotton paper, double sided to preserve certified stamp.
  3. Since you transferred it you must get it notarized. Bring the original certified copy you received as proof for the notary, and your ID’s.
  4. Send it back to where you received it to have it Authenticated. They attach a cover letter and punch a hole in top left to string and wax seal it.
  5. You can get them Apostilled if possible, but this may not be necessary for he next step. Keep hidden in a fire safe for now. You will be using one later on.

Note: Notary is the highest level above the province/state. 3 Notaries can overturn a judges signature.

Note: Court documents or summons you get in the mail that appear to be notarized, take them to the court clerk to certify them, if they say that the notary is not in the system then that court case is not enforced/employed. They cannot notarize their own documents.

Note Word Trickery: Internal Revenue Service is a private corporation that is stealing from peoples pay checks – voluntary. IRS Treasury in Ogden Utah is where our Trust and the Public Debt is being handled. They each have a different logo.

Note Word Trickery: Canada Post Office/United States Post Office and Canadian Postal Services/United States Postal Service are two different entities.

Sovran 202: Get your Ethnicity on Record

Search and download Form SF 181 and fill it in as such.

  • Select American Indian (read the definition)
  • Select White (read the definition)
  • Do not fill in middle name
  • Turn the form over and place your endorsement:
    • By Firstname-Middlename: Lastname BENEFICIARY
    • and a 10 cent stamp on bottom right corner and cancel it out at the post office or with your blue thumbprint.

Send to U.S. Office of Personnel Management located at 1900 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20415-1000 by

  • Maintain Equity = In Honour.
    • Within Canada, send by register mail through post office to get chain of custody so you can invoke the Postmaster General if need be.
    • To US, send by UPS or FedEx as Canadians cannot send registered mail to US.

Sovran 203: Get your Non Citizen National Status on Record

Create an account with my E-Verify System.

Scroll down to do a Freedom of Information FOIA request. Do a US Citizenship or “FOIA request and Response Service”, start the self application.

  • Under types of records, select I94 and then Other. Type in the window “Any Documents relating to my U.S. Citizen Status.” I94 date is your birthdate.

Other: Provide me with the citizenship status of: type all the variations of my name

Note: Every company I work for or pay a bill to has me listed as an employee.

What happened to you?

Watch Eagle Vision News on Odysee: Are Canadians Sovereign? Part 1

In our current circumstances, we can learn to be executor of our BC/CUSIP ledger accounts, rescind the use of our SIN access code, reclaim our ledger amounts by auditing all uses and collapsing it. Still, we remain in a boat.

We could write a paragraph of all contracts we rescind, make it into a Legal Public Notice, in the Public, signed by an officer/clerk of “their” court, if we are not concerned about the money aspects. Still, we remain in a boat.

Even if born in Canada we are “claimed” as Indigenous, Native, First Nations at best, and many in the USA have been tricked out of their Original Peoples Title by allowing these statuses.

Original Peoples relationship with Creator and the Planet established them as Original Bloodline and Stewards of the Lands. Today, Original Peoples are Signatories to International Treaties. Establishing rights through Original Peoples title on the lands will Unite Us and go along way to healing … plus we will move ourselves off a boat to living on the land:

  • We can return to our own ancestral lands and request acknowledgement from family tribes.
  • We can ask for acknowledgement through adoption into a tribe closest to where we live.
  • We can organize our formal adoption as a Peoples of the Salmon “Wolverines” and participate in a tribe within The First Law of the Land of Kanat’an Sacred Lands, and we can do this from anywhere in the world. (Adoption Ceremony coming soon.)

Watch Eagle Vision News on Odysee:

Volunteer on Sovran Team: to help organize Wolverine adoption ceremony.

Sovran 105: Notice to Public – Community Action

Recognition: Publicly declare you are Sovereign plus help educate others. Post your Kanat’an Legal Public Notice to put service corporations on notice, to state you are Alive, to signal you are Sovereign and start moving from DEBTOR to Secured Party.

  • Post in a Public Space: Post your LPN (and ExPass) on a surface in a venue and take a photo of it in the space to prove you did it. Print out the photo to add to your Sovran Packet. Choose walls, windows bulletin boards that allow posting, e.g. bank, law office, hospital, grocery store window, community and recreation centers.
  • Advertise: Take out a 1/4 page advertisement to Post your LPN for 1-2 publishing cycles (1-2 days for a daily or 1-2 weeks for weekly publishing) in a local newspaper or magazine; and/or go on a local public radio show to read it out loud;
  • Host a Gallery Show: Organize an individual or group “Sovereignty Show” to display your LPN (and ExPass) for a week in a local Café style gallery or larger Gallery venue. Options:
    • Place a large Show Title: “Are Canadians Sovereign?”
    • Install a flat screen tv to loop our Eagle Vision News episode Part 1 on Odysee
    • Provide PotS BZ Cards and ask your “guests/witnesses” to sign your ledger
    • Advertise! “Show Opens Sunday 1PM”. Use the flat screen to connect to our zoom Sunday “de jure Governance meeting at 2PM” for everyone to join in.
  • Boots on the Ground: We serve employers, public servants, hospitals and senior homes, etc., our customized Legal Public Notice and Exemption Pass to put them on Notice for criminal offenses: forcing masks, tests, distancing, injections, kidnapping, etc. If you missed doing this over the past few years then start now! You can email them as well.
    • Provide them a copy.
    • When in person ask they sign your copy. Add their name, date, time served.
    • They cannot plead ignorance and say they had no knowledge. As Nuremburg Trials approach we can provide our files as evidence.
Status and Standing

Sovran 106: Evidence of Life

You are learning how to Claim your Rights as a woman/man and prove you are Able to function in your Full Capacity with expression of the highest capacity of knowledge, liability and responsibility, and Administrate your Estate Property.

Since 1933 there has been no money – just credit. Notarized copy of your B.C. is a bearer bond / debenture and was created to finance the prepay system since gold was taken out. Using Gov ID as your personal ID is FRAUD, making you a taxable Gov employee that is subject to statutes, regulations and licensing.

Resign as representative of your Certificate of Birth agency.

Send this letter with your statement of account in effort to zero debt, e.g. BC Hydro, SHAW Cable, Mobile Phone Corp., Mortgage Bank, Car Load Agent, Drivers Insurance Corp., etc. (Stay tuned for more detail.)

Get your Statement of Live Birth SOLB or Registration of Live Birth RLB.

Request a copy of the original B.C. your mother signed in the hospital when you were born. They are not going to let you see the original because it proves fraud, e.g. lists our mother as “informant”. Everyone’s situation is unique and requires research. For example in Alberta you can request a certified copy of registration of birth, and in Manitoba you can request a genealogy version plus proof of foundational identity.

Capture your Registration of Live Birth RLB and make it your EVIDENCE OF LIFE.

You will lien your B.C. instrument and set up a new beneficiary, as the Gov is assuming that role for you now.

  1. Use a copy of your RLB. Draw an arrow pointing to CANADA and the PROVINCE adding a note “liable party/underwriter”.
  2. Add an arrow pointing to the “all caps” NAME, add note “registered owner”.
  3. Pick a spot near the signature of the REGISTRAR and draw a red line, then sign above the line in purple ink. Spell your name the same consistently on all your instruments:
    • Sample John Henry, house Doe, a private-person at common law
    • Sample : john-henry: doe., authorized agent. all rights reserved.
  4. Get 3 “verifiers” who know you well, signing and thumb printing the same or get it notarized. Or both.
  5. Add the words in red across the top and on 1 side in block letters like a stamp:


Your body is moveable dirt and has a lien on it – you have made claim that this is your property now, and next you will lien it and have priority interest.

The RLB is typically a long form document, and you can scan and save it as an 8.5 x 11 size. Make 6 copies. Store the original for safe keeping.

Later you will learn how to set up a new CREDITOR who gets paid for the use of the NAME – You!

Sovran 107: Affirmation – Proof of Life

Proof of Life: Prove that you are alive and not a walking dead PERSON. Draw up an Affirmation/Proof of Life instrument that separates you from the B.C.

Kanat’an Sovereign Affidavit is a powerful instrument.

  • Download Sovereign Affidavit from Shop Account Downloads. Print Page 2 BLANK multiple times, front and back DOUBLESIDED to use as paper to print out number 8.
  • Number 8: On a computer type out a list of all your property in full. Save your file. You can make updates anytime. Include: children, pets, livestock, home/business inventory and assets, contracts, bank accounts, offshore accounts, precious metals, insurance, investments, etc.
  • Check your list that you typed out will fit the layout of Page 2. Tweak the format of your list as required. Print a test page to learn placement and how to load printer with Page 2 BLANKS.
  • Place enough Page 2 blanks in your printer tray as required and print out your property list double sided. Fill in page numbers by hand, 2a, 2b, etc. Place pages after Page 1.
  • Treat the blank side of Page 1 and 3 to claim jurisdiction, follow the “Z-Line” method (refer to Profile card sample and Credentials Guide).

On the last page, write out the dates in long version. Notary options are:

  1. To pay for a local Notary to autograph it (1).
  2. To have 3 peoples who know you autograph it (2).
  3. All Letter-Instruments include our Headsman Blue Seal Notary(3).
  4. Or combine all 3 together.

Option: Hole punch top left corner. Put purple ribbon 3times through hole and tie 3knots.

Find the Doctor who delivered you and/or get a County Coroner (Medical Examiner). Request they sign and date your statement: “Please update my file to reflect that I am alive, living and non-decedent. Thank you :first-middle :last., authorized agent. all rights reserved.”

Get a newspaper with today’s date to take a photo of it close up with you holding it. Print out the image a few times. Autograph and right thumb print a copy. Get it witnessed by a notary who signs as “WITNESS ONLY”.

  • You will bring with you to the notary:
    • Scanned in completed copy of newspaper;
    • Scanned in front page of the newspaper;
    • Copy of RLB or SOLB and your passport. (Bring them with you too, as the notary will require it to identify you. These will all become “certified copies” by the notary.)
set up your creditor in commerce

Sovran 202: Setup your Trust and Living Will – in progress

Set up a Living Will and Inter Vivos / Grantor Trust to control your estate and operate in the public with a newly appointed Federal Corp BENEFICIARY.

You can use CRA forms to REVENUE your equity and enforcement of payments from TRESPASS and EXTORTION against your estate.

  • Fill in an online TRUST and Living Will template.
  • Fill out an SS4 Form, Application for Employer Identification Number
    • Youtube video how to
    • Form SS-4, officially the Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN), is an Internal Revenue Service form to request an EIN used by the IRS to designate a business identifying number. An EIN is a 9-digit number series assigned to a business for tax filing and reporting purposes. The following may apply for an EIN: – Employers (including corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors) – Estates – Trusts – Government agencies – Nonprofit organizations, – Certain individuals (including sole proprietors) and other entities listed on Form SS-4 Once finished, click on the done button to save, download, & print, your Form SS-4. To learn more about this form or find other fillable templates, visit https://www.pdfrun.com
    • Get an EIN for your Name Trust
  1. You and 2 witnesses [who should each be an adult (i.e., reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction) and should not be your spouse, a child of your spouse, an immediate family member or a blood relative] must be present in the same room at the same time, and you must each watch one another sign the Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advance Directive.
  2. Put your initials at the right hand corner of the bottom of each page (except the last page where you will sign the Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advance Directive on the line above your name).
  3. Each witness must then initial each page next to where you placed your initials.
  4. Insert the date where indicated on the last page of your Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advance Directive and place your initials in the margin closest to where you inserted the date (the 2 witnesses should also place their initials in this location as well, next to your initials).
  5. On the last page of the Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advance Directive sign with your normal signature on the line above your name.
  6. On the last page of the Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advance Directive, each witness should print his or her name, address, and occupation in the spaces provided and then sign with their normal signature on the line above where it states “(Signature of Witness)”. You and the witnesses should only sign the original Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Advance Directive (no copies).

Replace all highlighted areas. When filing online there are limitations for us of certain characters called: illegal characters = :;/( )

Sovran Workgroup – Decoding Freedom – in progress

Join Live workgroup: wed 4pm PST; sun 12pm PST.

  • Claim the Name
    • Assumed Name, refer to Felicia Beverly
  • Locate County Court Clerk to file LPN and move from DEBTOR to Secured Party.
    • Send by Fax Number: (Sovereign Affidavit), LPN and cover letter which states by law they have to file.
    • Request local Court Clerk file it, they keep one copy and stamp your copy for your Sovran Pack. Register with a County Clerk. Bring a witness. Witness signs that they refused to file it.
    • Start a Special Cause Filing $80 to get in the door, and file your cover letter/LPN with it (?)
    • Legal Notice to Clerk
  • CQV Campaigns
    • Assurance Bond: add your member number and names as collateral in Popois bond to create your assurance certificate for travel
    • Digital Wallet: give permission to PotS Trust to become Executor of your CQV Trust to transfer funds to Salmon Eagle bank so you can setup a digital wallet
    • Learn how to become Secured Party Executor to your own CTQV Trust Account

Join Live workgroup: wed 4pm PST; sun 12pm Pacific Standard Time

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