We are a small [Canadian] group working to decode a system that has always existed, we were just never taught how to use it. By sharing our collective knowledge we support you to reclaim & signal your Sovereignty to speed up our transition to a positive system. We do not guarantee outcomes regarding your personal circumstances so please do your own due diligence. Tap open to get started. (Disclaimer) This is not legal advice. This is for educational and or entertainment purposes.

You don’t need to “correct your status”, you need to “Get it on the Proper Record”! – Tmeka
Use a series of FORMS to record “Who You Are”; declare your Nationality, Ethnicity… learn to achieve a “do not detain” status.Paths2Frdm (4hrs)

Checklist (past process)

This is an old list. Perform steps to collect a series of Papers/Forms to build your “Declaration” packet. Register-mail it to select agents to officially put “Who You Are” on the proper record.


  • Minnesota 220 Rule, Birth Title, Statement of Life, Proof of Life, Certificate of Ownership
  • B.C., RLB, SOLB
  • SF181
  • myE-Verify FOIA Result, Person-Centric Identity Search
  • Sovereign Affidavit
  • Adoption Decree
  • DMV Report; MCO Title
  • Assumed Name Filing, Name Trust
  • Affidavit of Publication
  • UCC Filings
  • PPSA Filings
  • Living Will, Foreign Express Trust
  • Enforcement Packet (option)

By doing the steps, you will learn how to Claim your Rights as a woman/man and prove you are Able to function in Full, and express the highest capacity of knowledge, liability and responsibility, in order to Administrate your Estate Property.

Be The Executor of your Estate/Trusts and The Beneficiary for full enjoyment thereof.

Sign: Firstname-Middle: Lastname BENEFICIARY

Add Option: All Rights Reserved.

Don’t fill in the middlename in forms, online or paper

  • Since 1933 there has been no money – just credit.
  • A Notarized copy of your B.C. is a bearer bond / debenture and was created to finance the prepay system since gold was taken out.
  • Using Gov ID as your personal ID is FRAUD, and it makes you a taxable Gov employee that is subject to statutes, regulations and licensing.

Optional: You can choose to add your version of the letter below with your Packet. You can also send this letter along with your statement of account to the corporation trustees in effort to zero debt, e.g. BC Hydro, SHAW Cable, Mobile Phone Corp., Mortgage Bank, Car Loan Agent, Drivers Insurance Corp., etc. (Enquire for more details.)

Download: Resign as representative of your Certificate of Birth agency.

Get your instruments properly received, accepted, recorded.

True Certified Copies provided by Agencies have a red stamp and do not need to be Notarized before you register mail them for Authentication … unless, you print doublesided on cotton paper, then you first must notarize to prove true copy.

Notarize: Agency validates that your identification and signature are you.

Authenticate: Agency validates Notary for Federal acceptance. Required for doing business between “Foreign” contracted states/provinces – Federal level.

Legalize: Agency validates content is lawful.

Apostille: Agency validates all the above for International acceptance.

Sovran 200: Claim Your Birth Certificate (past process)

Get your Statement of Live Birth SOLB or Registration of Live Birth RLB.

Everyone’s situation is unique and requires research. For example in Alberta you can request a certified copy of registration of live birth, and in Manitoba you can request a genealogy version plus proof of foundational identity. Follow online instructions.

The first B.C. was created at your birth location, which is where your CQVTrust Account was setup in a nearby bank, 1.5 mil from mom’s Trust and 1.5 mil from dad’s Trust. The RLB is typically a long form document. You can scan and save as an 8.5 x 11 size. Make 6 copies. Store the original in a fire safe.

  • You can reclaim many levels of your B.C. record:
    • County Level: This one was put in the Register of Deeds book to make you a transmitting utility. A long form with Doctors signature.
    • City: This one is called the Birth Record.
    • Province/State Level: Go online to your Birth Province and request a “true certified copy” of the original B.C. your mother signed in the hospital when you were born.
    • Federal Level: This version is from Puerto Rico.

They are not going to let you see the original because it proves fraud, e.g. lists our mother as “informant”.

  • The Receiver General existed before governments did, so is this the “registrar” that records birth certificates?
  • Is the Depository Trust Company DTC (clearing house) the Holding Company for all Birth Certificates?

Advanced: Turn your SOLB/RLB into a Registered Security.

Put your restrictive Endorsement on the back of your certified true copy B.C., add on the backside “Pay to the Order of” your bank account and a 10 cent stamp cancelled out. Take it to your broker/bank to sell it. OR…

Scan or Photocopy it to print out in colour double sided on cotton paper. Bring to a Notary to be re-certified, and bring along your ID’s and the original you received from the B.C. provider to prove your copy was made from it.

Register Mail it to the Provincial Registry with a cover letter requesting it be Authenticated. Follow their online instructions and pay the online fee, include a copy of the online printed receipt, and add the receipt number in your cover letter. Include a reg mail return envelope so they can by law return it to you, as you are creating a registered security. Keep all originals in your hidden fire safe until you are ready to present to your Broker, e.g. Fidelity.ca (enquire for more info before presenting).

Capture your RLB and make it your EVIDENCE OF LIFE.

Your body is moveable dirt and has a lien on it. First, claim this as your property now.

  1. Print another copy of your RLB double sided in colour on cotton paper.
  2. Draw an arrow pointing to CANADA and the PROVINCE adding a note “liable party/underwriter”.
  3. Add an arrow pointing to the “all caps” NAME, add note “registered owner”.
  4. Pick a spot near the signature of the REGISTRAR and draw a red line to sign above it in purple ink. Spell your name the same consistently on all your instruments:
    • Autograph: John-Henry: Doe BENEFICIARY
    • Add: All Rights Reserved
  5. Get 3 “verifiers” who know you well, signing and thumb printing the same, or get it notarized. 3 Notaries stand above a judge.
  6. Create a “plate” to print over top of the instrument, or hand write in red across the top and on 1 side in block letters like a stamp:


Advanced: Need to find or confirm these missing instructions – Is this a UCC Filing:

  • Place a Lien on your B.C. instrument to have priority interest. (File a UCC1 or 1ad to attach instrument, and add in the collateral box. File a PPSA as well.)
  • Set up a new beneficiary, as the Gov is assuming that role for you now.
  • Set up a new CREDITOR who gets paid for the use of the NAME – You!

Sovran 201: Affidavit of Ownership – Minnesota 220 Rule (past process)

To take over your duties as Executor and Beneficiary of your estate, you must put on the proper record that you are competent and over the age of majority, which is 18 to 21 depending on province/state. There are many ways of stating this fact.

  1. Prepare a Certificate or Affidavit of Ownership, or a Minnesota 220 Rule. Print on cotton paper.
    • Get it notarized so it can be
    • Authenticate to raise your standing to Federal Level. These seals are backed by the full faith and credit of the Unites States.
    • For documents to be viable in another contracted state, get them Apostille to raise your document to the International Level. Contact the US Embassy or wait until January 2024 to request a designated ministers office in Canada do it.
  2. Post it in the newspaper for 1 or 2 cycles. You will receive an Affidavit of Publication. If Canadian newspapers won’t provide this document, use a US one.
  3. File your packet in the County Recorders Office in the province/state your were born, but first attach the Affidavit of Publication. Legally now they cannot refuse.

Authenticate your Registration/Certificate of Live Birth.

  1. Request a certified copy of your Registration/Certificate of Live Birth.
  2. Print 2 colour copies on cotton paper, double sided to preserve certified stamp.
  3. Since you transferred it you must get it notarized. Bring the original certified copy you received as proof for the notary, and your ID’s.
  4. Send it back to where you received it to have it Authenticated. They attach a cover letter and punch a hole in top left to string and wax seal it.
  5. You can get them Apostilled if possible, but this may not be necessary for the next step. Keep hidden in a fire safe for now. You will be using one later on.

Note: Notary is the highest level above the province/state. 3 Notaries can overturn a judges signature.

Note: Court documents or summons you get in the mail that appear to be notarized, take them to the court clerk to certify them, if they say that the notary is not in the system then that court case is not enforced/employed. They cannot notarize their own documents.

Note Word Trickery: Internal Revenue Service is a private corporation that is stealing from peoples pay checks – voluntary to claim your wages from labour. The IRS Treasury in Ogden Utah is where our Trust and the Public Debt is being handled. Each office has a different logo.

Note Word Trickery: Canada Post Office/United States Post Office and Canadian Postal Services/United States Postal Service are two different entities as well. Go into your post office and request the Postmaster General – they can sell you 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent stamps. One of the postal mail boxes in the outlet is free to mail a letter – which is it?

Sovran 202: Get your Ethnicity on Record (past process)


Download: SF 181 Ethnicity Form

  • Select American Indian (read the definition, select it if it refers to you)
  • Select White (read the definition, select it if it refers to you)
  • Do not fill in middle name
  • Turn the form over on the back and place your endorsement:
    • BY: Firstname-Middlename: Lastname BENEFICIARY
    • Add a 10 cent stamp on bottom right corner. Cancel stamp.
  • A document is not considered legal unless it is Notarized.
  • Anything you sign turns it into a restricted note or security, and is not subjected to tax.
  • By law, when you are sending a security you must pay the tax to the Queen. Add a 10 cent stamp on back lower right side. Cancel stamp at post office, or with 45 degree angle initials, and/or thumbprint in blue ink (alive).

Send to: U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 1900 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20415-1000

  • Maintain Equity = In Honour.
    • Within Canada, send by register mail through post office to get chain of custody so you can invoke the Postmaster General if need be.
    • To US, send by UPS or FedEx as Canadians cannot send registered mail to US.

Note: This US form is voluntary and has no impact on employment status. However in the instance of missing information, your employing agency will attempt to identify your race and ethnicity by visual observation.

More info: U.S. Office of Personnel Management

More info: 31 U.S. Code § 1321 – Trust funds, see (67) Miscellaneous trust funds of Indian tribes. They set aside trillions in 1946 for American Indians.

  • Look up the Treaty of Delaware, 3rd generation white man are indigenous.
  • Look up actual definitions of colour designations, they do not describe us at all.
  • Look up the American Indian Act.
  • Look up the Civil Rights Bill. Look for the Indian Bill of Rights within that, to find that we have the right to our own nationality, we have the right to manifest, we have the right to choose an educational system for our prodigy.

Sovran 203: Put yourself in Non Citizen National Status (USA process)

Go to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to receive Person-Centric Identity Services (PCIS).

Every company you work for or pay a bill to has you listed as an employee. They use the myE-Verify System in the US, so lock it down. At CRA you can request they lock your SIN due to suspected identify fraud.

  1. Create an account with myE-Verify System.
    • If you do not have an SSN number – should we add our SIN number? or leave it out and partially set this account up to complete the FOIA Request and get that done. Your call. Please do your due diligence.
    • Return to myE-Verify System after you have receive an SSN Number (non-employment number) to complete Step 2: Self Check, Self Lock and Select Non Citizen National. Your call.
  2. Scroll down to do a FOIA Request, a “FOIA Request and Response Service”, start the “For Myself” application.
  3. Under Types of Records
    • select I94, I94 date is your birthdate
    • select “Other”, and type in the window box: Any Documents relating to my U.S. Citizen Status.

Or Tmeka says in the video, in “Other” type: Please provide me with the citizenship status of: type all the variations of your name: first middle last; last, middle first, first last … so they have something to work with.

Choose to request a birth certificate – this version comes from Puerto Rico.

Follow STEP 1 in the eBook below. Enlarge it to see the visual images.

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