Unique and based on the First Law of the Land

To live Sovereign or move from DEBTOR to Secured Party takes research & practice. Build your Original Peoples Enforcement Order & Estopple By Conduct Packet with us. Tap open preview windows for details. Wait 20 seconds to generate. Revised: May 18, 2024.

Buy Now $75 Enforcement Packet >> 4 page Original Peoples Enforcement Order (Gold Seal Notary); 4 page Estopple By Conduct (Gold Seal Notary). Add a tailored Cover Letter below. You print it out in colour on fine 24-30lb Cotton Paper and get it Authenticated.

Fill in your Profile page first to populate your instruments. Then use the Cover Letter Editor below to fine tune packet to your personal circumstances. Follow Tips below.

This packet contains 2 True Certified Copies of instruments already delivered by our Alliance. You are joining our effort to signal this powerful package far and wide.

Used with the Estopple By Conduct. Once you add your personal data, proofread it, then download to your device. Print in colour as many copies as you require to give notice to those committing offenses.

Estopple by Conduct – Copyrighted

Used with the Original Peoples Enforcement Order.

If you fill in your Profile, it will include your photo, name, address, QR Code, autograph and is bonded with your B.C., CUSIP, SIN/SSN if you add that in too.

NOTE: Both instruments must be printed “double-sided” as they both originally included a “Z-Line” to claim the blank sides of the pages.

Fill in Cover Letter using the Editor below and Save. Proofread here. Download final version when ready.

  1. Includes our Headsman Blue Seal Notary.
  2. Includes your QR Code, personal data, autographs, and is bonded with your B.C., CUSIP, SIN/SSN.

NOTE: We added a tiny download button on this previewer top-right – free. Return and update your cover letter anytime to use with another project. Make sure you have a good final copy saved before changing it.

Error: Please refresh the page to access this form.

OPEN >> TIPS to complete your package:

INPUT: Fill in your Profile page to populate instruments. Always save at the bottom of the Profile page. Fill in the Cover Letter Editor here to fine tune it and Save it here.

PROOFREAD: Tap open previewers to check your work. Go back and update your Profile and Cover Letter as required.

DOWNLOAD: As a member, you have unlimited downloads of these files. Make sure you work toward a final version before downloading them though. Go to Shop Account: Downloads to save your digital files to your device. (The Cover Letter has an unlimited download button you can use in its preview window, and you can re-use this letter for other projects ongoing.)

PRINT: Double sided in colour at home. Print on 24-30lb. cotton paper, e.g. South Hampton Fine Paper to raise the value. Bring to an outlet for best quality. Keep an original in your hidden fire safe along with a back up of your digital files!

  • Autograph where available. Fingermark is optional.
  • OPTION: Add a stamp to the lower right corner (e.g. value of the stamp pertains to usage, contract/case value refer to Learning, UPU). Cancel stamps at your Postal Office, or right on a 45 degree angle over it with your initials and date. Thumbprint touching stamp/paper.
  • Raise to an international level. Register mail your packet to get Authenticated/Legalized in your province, then Apostille (Canada in Jan2024, check online in your province). You may need to include a return envelope.
  • You can make general colour copies on regular paper as well – add to your Sovereign Packet, add to your Sovereign Travel Packs in your vehicles.

PRINT DOUBLE SIDED: The packet must be printed double-sided as they include a “Z-Line” to cover the blank sides of the pages to claim jurisdiction.

Build>Proofread> Each digital file can be downloaded to build your packet. Go to Shop Account “Downloads” to save to your device.

For support attend Sunday Meetings 2PM PST via News & Events.

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