Vancouver, BC, July 13, 2022 – In Canada, the Crown has omitted the true Trustees of the Territories, who are the Turtle Island descendants of the Great Spirit. The Addendum below references the legal documents presented to all courts on behalf of the Signatory Tribal Nations, as the foundation for the following declarations.

The Crown Corporation of Canada, first registered in 1860, on the Securities Exchange Commission’s platform in Washington DC, on Pennsylvania Ave. as #8880, became a foreign government in 2013, now #8888 after selling out to Asian (China), US and other foreign entities.

On June 26, 2022, the Peoples of the Salmon (PotS) Grand Jury, of over 40 Common de Jure Lawful beings, held a Tribunal to:

1) Declare Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of the de facto government Corporation of Canada, guilty of crimes against humanity, genocide, selling and issuing a bioweapon globally for personal gain, coercion of band councils, breach of trust, treason, international terrorism, fraud and perjury;

2) Prohibit the United Nations presence on the sacred lands of Kanatan, Turtle Island;

3) Forbid the RCMP to use force against our appointed security officers and deputies; 

4.) Declare the 200 remaining members of the Canadian parliament guilty of perjury, since the fall of the Liberals, for voting against the May 30/22 motion to abolish the travel mandates and therefore uphold a genocidal bioweapon mandate;

5) Revoke the Corporation of Canada’s right to use UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) on our people and lands.1 and;

6) Support the use, by our Sheriffs, of the Nuremburg Code and Helsinki Accords on our lands, reserve the right to employ additional rights, including the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights and the International Declaration of Human Rights.

These Orders “are based on mandatory vaccination dictate measures that are: (i) Not Scientifically, nor medically, based nor proven to be effective whatsoever. (ii) Pose physical and psychological harm; and that wide sweeping and involuntary vaccination mandate measures violate s.7 (life, liberty, and security of person), s8. (Unlawful search and seizure), and further, be not in accordance, nor justifiable in a free and democratic society.” Orders sent via registered mail on June 29, 2022 were addressed to: Justin Trudeau, RCMP, House of Commons, BC and AB Premiers and UN Headquarters.

The PotS have called upon Health Practitioners to assemble and correlate a new Board of Trustees, who are creating functional systems of wellness built on integrity and transparency, which certify and record all allied Healers, in the name of the PotS. Practitioners in good standing, allied with the purposes of the PotS, will be issued sovereign grants of franchise to continue practice, to perfect their art for a righteous purpose and wellbeing of the People. The PotS welcome open dialogue and conversation in contribution of the creation of this new model. All interested in this union, may email with their name, profession and contact information.

The Headsman for the PotS, Popois invites ALL Canadians to join the fight against this world tyranny and corruption. He stated, “We all need to walk off this ‘corporate ship of [ad]miralty’, and claim back our security of our PERSON, which was stolen from us with the birth certificate. When you join the Peoples of the Salmon, we will make sure that you are the secured party of your property, no longer a fetus on a mother-ship. You then reclaim your Sovereign Spirit. When we walk in unity, we will take us all out of the corporation… We all have a common goal to be free, to be sovereign, with our Common Law de jure government.”

For more information on the Peoples of the Salmon sovereign mission visit our new improved website at Join the freedom movement, learn how to restore your sovereign status, attain your Sovereign ID and apply for a world passport. A declaration/petition was created by the PotS to present a vote of non-confidence in the Canadian government, and end the tyranny imposed on all who desire truth, a fruitful life and peace on Earth. The declaration may be signed at  For more information, contact or


From the records of the Federal-Provincial Arbitrations (Unsettled Accounts Arbitration), Signatory Tribal Nations Claims Robinson Treaties, Vol. 5, entered in the Department of [Indian] Affairs, January 12, 1897: The Hon. J.J. Curran, Q.C., Solicitor General for Canada:

“We tend that these Treaties are governed by International Law, rather than municipal law. They were made with the Sovran Signatory Tribal Nations under the authority of the Sovereign, under which the trusts of the nations were pledged. The Crown is a trustee of the original Sovereign nations, and is bound to watch over the Signatory Tribal Nations, their interests and enforce their rights. The Crown will not be allowed to set up its own laches as a defense against these claims. All these claims are safeguarded in a manner that is based in divine lawfulness. For a Civilization based on the rule of law: ”nemo potest esse simul actor et judex”- “No one can be both suitor and judge.” The Corporation of Canada, the Crown, all its courts and all its agents hold no standing to judge the sovereign nations of Kanatan (Sacred Land -aka Canada) or its treaties.

Laches: In LAW, failure to do a thing at the right time, is inexcusable negligence – slackness, negligence or remissness.

Defense: All crown attorneys, judges, and all other officers of the courts whose oaths are not to the sovereigns under first law of the land, are forbidden from representing, judging, or trying by Crown Law the Signatory men and women. All attorneys and counsel whose oaths are a provincial bar, and not to the sovereigns under the first law of the land, are forbidden from all representations and actions for Signatory men and women.

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