Who are the Peoples of the Salmon?

The Peoples of the Salmon are all the people that you know in British Columbia. We are here to help implement change for the things that need to be known – the corporation of Canada has taken away our basic human rights. Our vision is to walk in a good, loving way with all the people. All who join us will be included, so that we can all be taken care of, and all walk forward into the future. – Maathlatah, Peoples of the Salmon Elder

What would the new structure look like?

Our new self-governing communities will encompass the whole spectrum of the Si Si Giuelth (Medicine Wheel), which consists of twelve poles. It is sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing. It embodies the Four Directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree-all of which symbolize dimensions of health and the cycles of life. Sovereignty in our:

  • Right & Title
  • Law and Assembly
  • Financial/Banking
  • Speak*
  • Culture/History
  • Technology
  • Environment
  • Resources
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Education
  • Medicine & Health
  • Children
  • Communications is in the centre of the wheel.

How can the new way of living be implemented to benefit us?

The first step is to bring awareness and acknowledgement that we have unknowingly given our consent to be governed NOT to our benefit. The benefit has always been for the corporation of Canada. Therefore, we MUST give notice to THOSE who claim AUTHORITY over you, that you hereby remove and deny your consent to be governed.

Watch on YouTube or visit anishinaabek news

Popois, the Headsman, talks about our de Jure Governance. What is that?

A Self-Governing Private Nation, governed by We the People.

A de jure government is Latin for self-governing, a lawful (not legal) new way of life, by We the People. Government literally means the governing of the mind (ment is Latin for mind). Ultimately, we need to stop using these words – as the thoughts we think, and the words we speak create our reality. The Peoples of the Salmon are a Self-Governing Private Nation. We are out of the jurisdiction of the current de facto government.

Justin Trudeau has prorogued the Parliament for the second time, until Nov. 22, 2021. He was served with Cease and Desist Orders by the Peoples of the Salmon in July 2021. That means that WE THE PEOPLE are in power now. We need 5 million signatures on our website to become the majority in our de jure government!

LILLEY: Trudeau avoids Parliament for five more weeks

Do I have to be Aboriginal to sign the petition?

No. The Peoples of the Salmon welcome all Canadians wishing to be sovereign to join us in this action.

But I don’t live in BC. Can I participate from other provinces?

100%! This movement is for every Canadian! You don’t have to live in BC.

If Canada isn’t a country, then what is a country?

Canada is a Corporation, designed to make money from its citizens. Our birth and death certificates are traded on the stock market by the Merchants, who own this corporation. A portion of our income tax goes to feed the Corporation and those who run it: the British Crown and the Merchants. While we exist within the Corporation of Canada, we are in Commerce Law, also known as Maritime or Admiralty Law.

The Shadow Magic Show: Canada is a Corporation

A true country consists of three things:


The Peoples of the Salmon want to build a new nation – a self-governing private nation. This means we are no longer ruled by the current de facto government. We are out of their jurisdiction. We are coming home.

The current legal system is under what law?

The legal system is under the current de facto government. Not just in Canada, but worldwide. It is a fiction, created by the British Crown, the Merchants and the Bankers.

The Aboriginal People were never part of this system. The Peoples of the Salmon are with the Aboriginal People. When we know our truth, that we are all flesh and blood men and women, who are part of our Creator and the original Natural Law, we realize in our hearts and our souls that we CANNOT be governed by any fictional law or state. WE THE PEOPLE are the most powerful beings on this Earth.

This is also a state of mind. With this knowledge and freedom, comes the responsibility and strength to know that we have the power and ability to govern ourselves. We do not need a government to rule us. We must stand on our own 2 feet.

When I become sovereign with the Peoples of the Salmon, what happens to my medical benefits and any other benefits I currently receive from the government?

Nothing changes at this point. We are living as in a dual citizenship until our new system is set up. This is a transition. After the transition is completed, we will be rescinding our birth certificates and social insurance numbers, so that we can step out of the fraud system and become 100% sovereign and self-sufficient.

How do I become a member of the Peoples of the Salmon?

Once you are truly ready to join us in walking WITH (not ON) the land of Kanat’a, we will walk together as Sovereign Family, into the future in Love and Light. It is required that you attend four meetings, either in the longhouse in Vancouver, or via PotS video conference. Once you have done that, you will be invited to our “Walking Off the Ship” Ceremony. This means that you leave the Ship of Commerce/Maritime/Admiralty Law – which is a fiction created by the British Crown and the Merchants. You then join us as a living, flesh and blood woman or man, walking with this land, with us.

NOTE: You can Become a Wolverine even if you are not of aboriginal descent. To join the Peoples of the Salmon you will do so via same protocols above. Every member will need to complete a Sovran Affidavit which is available for purchase in the Shop to members, and when signing up to a Sovran Plan.

Next step is to arrange a formal adoption ceremony to become a Wolverine. Attend meetings for more information. You will be expected to take responsibility for yourself, learn to stand in your power, and help PotS bring about positive change.

What is the Speak (Words) We Use?

This is a work in progress…

  • gitsi woolka / gitsi wukla – With no Fear – be not afraid
  • gitsi luchwula / gitsi lukwula. – With no Worry – be not worried
  • si si giuelth – 12 posts in circle with the 13th – Truth in Communication in the middle
  • mother’s mother – is speaking of the land
  • we walk with the land not on the land
  • hamas – headsman / chief
  • aluuxw – Speakers for Peoples of the Salmon
  • nimulh shishalh – people of Sechelt area
  • shishalhsshtatlum – language/speak of the shishalh (Sechelt)
  • ulnulmch – thank you
  • et ta kwi kwie – good morning
  • eh ta nah naut – good night
  • g’wathina – I am finished speaking
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