April 1, 2024    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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“Reclaim Your Securities” on YouTube.com

This path will start to reveal to you that there has been a system in place this whole time, but you were never taught how to use it. Learn how to use it in the way it was meant to be used. Push that further by learning to operate your life at the level of Banking and Securities.

  • Start a Study Group in your area! This is self-driven learning starting with video Part 1, and work through at your own pace to do the full lineup, then move on to the rest on that channel.
    • Watch the videos on YoutTube.com
    • Read “Security Transfer ACT”, Vital Statistics ACT, Citizenship ACT, and the Charters per province and country. Pull your contracts and read them word for word. Study!
    • Study key areas: Trust Law, Contract Law, Uniform Commercial Code, Law of Merchant.
    • Read all corporations security filings at the securities exchange: sec.gov
  • The goal is to work toward Correcting your Master File on record with Minister of Finance Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency. Be prepared! You will be taking over your Estate, and you must have the knowledge and learning solid under you to act on your own behalf moving forward.

Law Group: Looking for peoples to  lead First Law of the Land, legal/lawful practices.

Learn from YouTube channels like Reclaim Your Securities, Paths2Frdm, Brandon-Joe: Williams, Christopher Hauser, and others like Felicia Beverley, Joe Lustica. Consider the Peaceledger.org intensive court strategy studies. Research CommonLawcourt.com, and more.

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