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I’ve been listening 2 this. It resonates with me. It feels 2 me like an extension of the path I’m on. The information aligns with what U continue 2 share with me. This is the message that I get. We R dependent on no 1 4 our happiness. The Creator/the universe/source is always there 4 us. Always offering whatever it is we need in our lives. U have shown me a lot, my brother and I am grateful 4 all that U have shared with me. I will continue 2 learn as I walk this path of self love and enlightenment. My life is so much better now than it ever was. Kind loving people and abundance R always coming in2 my life. Thank U my brother 4 helping me 2 stay on this path of spiritual awakening.”๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘Œ – FROM RUPERT SCOW MAY 1, 2023 TO MAATHLAATLAA

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