Canadian COVID-19 [Vaccine] Adverse Events Database will launch soon.

Many of the Peoples of the Salmon have suffered from the COVID-19 injections. We want to bring healing to our people. We also want to bring healing to other people as well. We hope this gesture of love will not only bring healing to your body, but also to the relationships with your family, friends and community.

Stay Tuned for Peoples of the Salmon Adverse Events System – ENTRY!

We are currently revising our program to provide naturopathic and psycho-social healing solutions and to include properly worded consent forms to protect us from litigation from ill intended parties.

At this point, please use the form below to leave your contact information if you:

  • wish to report your COVID-19 [vaccine] reaction
  • are a whistle blower (want to report adverse events you have observed)
  • want to help (we are particularly in need of nurses and doctors)

We will follow up within a couple of weeks.

Thank you,
(Headsman of the Peoples of the Salmon)

Contact Info Submission for Peoples of the Salmon AE Project

Medical and Scientific Evidence

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