What is a Ha’aSaa?

Ha’aSaa encompasses the Creator’s life force and healing using holistic, natural integrative medicine and healing modalities for whole body health and wellbeing.

Maathlaatlaa is the Peoples of the Salmon Ha’aSaa. He has performed Ha’aSaa services for many years at healing centers in our local area of Kanatan. Maathlaatlaa looks at the whole person and sees what natural remedies are required by the patient. He has seen the Creator’s love and kindness align with healing of patients. Maathlaatlaa wishes to create a modality to heal original peoples from generational residential school abuses and trauma.

We are in negotiations with many holistic practitioners, nurses and formally educated doctors, who provide general practitioner services, integrative medicine and natural healing modalities, to deliver solutions for the chemical warfare, using remedies, like CBD oils, herbs, energy healing, etc.

In the past, we have been approached by Dr. Matthew Adams, of California, who is interested to walk with the us. He has a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences with a Minor in Biomedical Physics, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Healthcare Administration, Medical Degree (MD), a publication in the Journal of Anesthesiology (Dec 2017), and currently 1 patent US10405576B1. He has successfully cured cancer, HPV, epilepsy, and reversed Alzheimer’s, Autism and Metabolic Syndrome all within 2 to 3 weeks and without pharmaceutical aid.


Create a Healing Program or Centre

Many of the Peoples of the Salmon have suffered from the COVID-19 injections. We want to bring healing to all peoples. We hope this gesture of love will not only bring healing to your body, but also to the relationships with your family, friends and community.

We are looking for peoples and partnerships to create a program to provide naturopathic and psycho-social healing solutions and to include properly worded consent forms to protect us from litigation from ill intended parties.

Would you like to be Team Leader? Would you like to help?

Please join us Sunday 2PM PST on our zoom mtgs to give us your feedback.

Thank you,
(Headsman of the Peoples of the Salmon)

Health Constitution

Here’s a proposed health constitution based on the care giver’s oath.

“This oath for all who care for women, men and children, where only the great creator stands above, is that the care giver, under all names and titles, owes allegiance, oath and duty to the well being of their patient.”

All healthcare should follow an order from immediate to long term and from most deadly to least deadly.

First priority is emergencies that have immediate life or death consequences.
Establishment of facilities, medicines and care givers to treat life or death conditions first.

1) Conditions that cause death in less than 24h.
2) Conditions that cause death in less than 7 days.
3) Conditions that cause death in more than 7 days.

As resources become more abundant, we can extend services from caregiving for immediate illnesses to longer term ones.

There is no point in managing long term illnesses unless short term illness that affect survival are managed first, e.g. broken bones, heart attacks, and life threatening infections.

Proposed by Daniel Nagase, December 4, 2022

Ha’aSaa – Breath of Life (Healer) Directory

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