Basis for a Justice System.


These are the two symbols that make up the word “freedom” in Chinese and Japanese.

自 = self

由 = reason

Together they translate into the english word “freedom”.  However the true meaning is Self Reason.

That means that the state of freedom requires the condition of Self Reason.

This is very important for everyone to consider if we want to create a legitimate new government.

A serious but uncomfortable topic for which every society must plan is what to do with individuals who have lost the ability to Self Reason.

For example.  Say someone goes out of their mind and runs around assaulting people, or in the example of Justin Trudeau, speaks unreasonable words and orders actions that cause harm and death to men and women.

That person has lost their ability of self reason and therefore does not have “freedom”.

When someone’s mind is not Reasoning, it is not “Free”, and if combined with power, it can spread that tyranny onto others, sometimes causing death and harm to others.

If that lack of reason within oneself causes harm to others, then a reasonable society must have procedures to restrict “freedom” until reason returns back to the individual. 

So in the case of Prime minister Trudeau, his freedom to govern must be removed.

A severe form of restricting “freedom” is jail.  Lesser forms of restricting “freedom” are banishment and censure.

But before any consideration of action, there must be harm. 

This must exist before any consideration of action against an individual who has lost Self Reason.

This is because the act of restricting someone’s freedom is itself harmful.

So a reasonable approach is to only exercise restrictions proportionate to the harm.

This also establishes the lack of reason as the basis of crime, and places the individual as the first line of defense against any loss of reason that may result in crime.

A society must only act when an individual fails to return to reason and presents harm.

These principles may be shared freely with all communities for the establishment of Independent Justice systems built on a foundation of Self Reason (Freedom).

by Daniel Nagase, December 6, 2022


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