• Food Resources Directory: World Network of Producers, Suppliers, Distributors
  • Assemblies throughout Kanat’an
  • Greenhouses, Gardens, permaculture, Aquaculture: (vegetables, fruits, fish)
  • Food Fisheries: Commercial Fish Harvest
  • Heirloom Seed reproduction, collection, and distribution (imported foods carrots, beets, potatoes, etc., non-original to Kanat’an
  • Fruit trees, shrubs and bushes: reproduction, collection and distribution
  • Food Types: Wild foods, traditional foods, plant based wild potato, balsam root and seed, wild celery, and animal, elk, deer, moose, turkey, grouse (non-commercial, original to Kanat’an)
  • Cold Storage: Food preparation for winter storage (dried, smoked, canned- initial energy investment and then cost free from energy)


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